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Disable/restrict all items in-game with a few exceptions?


Hello dear community,


I was wondering if someone could aid me with a issue I've been trying to figure out. On a server I work for, we try to host a novice-only event. Only level 1/1 novices may join and they can only bring the default novice equipment that can be purchased in one of the NPCs.


I know how to do the level/job check, so where I get stuck is, how do I put a check in the entrance NPC that doesn't allow a character to pass with any item (other than the default novice equips)? This is as far as I got... it probably makes no sense at all. :P


Thank you!



Note: In the following script, the IDs stated should be the ALLOWED ones.



    for(set [email protected],0; [email protected] < getarraysize(@inventorylist_id); [email protected]++){
        if(@inventorylist_id[[email protected]] != 2510 && @inventorylist_id[[email protected]] != 2340 && @inventorylist_id[[email protected]] != 5055 && @inventorylist_id[[email protected]] != 2112 && @inventorylist_id[[email protected]] != 1243 && @inventorylist_id[[email protected]] != 2414 && @inventorylist_id[[email protected]] != 2352){
            mes .npc$;
            mes "I'm sorry, you're not allowed to carry/wear any items other than the Novice NPC Gear.";

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