error in skill level up for expanded baby job

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hi.. does anyone here has encounter same problem like i have? i'm using 2016-12-28aRagexe client as this is the only client which support expanded baby job.


currently i have an issue whereby on skill window.. i cannot level up any skill of this expanded baby class..


the first image. i just change to baby ninja & raise 10 job lvl by using @jlvl 10.

as can see in the skill window, showing that 10 skill points is available. however none of the skill can be lvl up.


the second image, i execute @allskill command. by doing so, all the skill appear & skill can be use..

as can see on the rightside buffer notification, the top buffer showing that skill cicada skin shed is being use


the third image, i change to baby oboro job by execute @jobchange 4223 command. then i raise 10 job lvl by using @jlvl 10.

the same issue is back again, where none of the skill is can be level up even though 10 skill points is available.


so, i would to hear & now from other people who use 3CeAM with latest revision [815] & 2016-12-28aRagexe client, is anybody do experience the same issue like i do? with all, regards..






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I see in the screenshots there's only a Etc. tab on the side of the skill window. When changing jobs its best to close and reopen the skill window since it can glitch sometimes when doing that. If that doesn't work, then you likely need to update your lua files in the skillinfoz folder. I think JobInheritList and SkillTreeView are the ones to update.

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I already close & reopen back the skill window. Even relog. Seems to be the only option left is to update JobInheritList & SkillTreeView in the lua files.. I still can use their adult files right for the babies?

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