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Hercules vs rAthena diff checker

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Hey all,


So I've worked on a difference checker between the fields of some rAthena and Hercules database files.

This could help people or devs or users do quick lookups for differences.


Key Features

The differences are listed in libconfig format to make things easier for people trying to merge or lookup entries between rAthena and Hercules.

It lists only the differences if any. (Except ID and Name field for quick lookups).




Currently supported files -

  • db/pre-re/mob_db.conf
  • db/pre-re/item_db.conf
  • db/pre-re/skill_db.conf
  • db/re/mob_db.conf
  • db/re/item_db.conf
  • db/re/skill_db.conf



  1. Add support for more files.
  2. Automate checks and updates to repository.


If you have any suggestions for files or format do let me know.

If you want to report errors, please feel free to open an issue on the repository page.

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