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FPRO Gaming Artificial Entertainment

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         • Force Ragnarok Online •           

 Are You Looking For A Good Ragnarok Private Server?
And You Are A Talented Player? Come And Try
Force And Show Your Talent In Pvp/Woe/Quests/Automated Events
Releasing Server On June 03, 2017.
For More Updates Visit Our Forum
See You There...

( Server Setting Information )
Pre-Renewal Setup
Transcendent Job Class And Expanded Job Class
Max Level: 255
Max Job: 120
Max Aspd: 197
Max Stats: 255
Max Zeny: 2B

( Server Rates Information )
Base Exp Level: 10,000
Job Exp Level: 10,000
Item Drop Rate: 8,000
Normal Card Drop: 100%
MVP-MINI Boss Card Drop Rate: 10%
Lhz Card Drop Date: 10%

( Server Feature's )
PK Server
Soul Link Modified
Useful Custom Commands
Farming And Quest Server
RMS Database On Quest
ROCShield Protected
Main Town Prontera City
Guild Of The Month
Player Of The Month
Unfrozen Server
Instant Cast 150 Base On Dex
Game Play Dark-RO Base
2 Max-Card Combo
Custom Class Padawan,Jedi And Sith

( Disable Drop )
Valkyrie's Set  Randgris Card Removing Drop On Valkyrie Randgris And Valkyrie Monster
Sword Guardian Card Removing Drop On Sword Guardian Monster And Old Card Album
Gloom Under Night Card Removing Drop On Gloom Under Night Monster
Kiel-D-01 Card Removing Drop On Kiel D-01 Monster
Lucius's Fierce Armor of Volcano Removing Drop On Ifrit Monster
( Delay Item And Command )
@go @warp Hit Damage Delay 0.5 Second To Use
Yggdrasil Berry Delay 0.5 Second To Use
Yggdrasil Seed Delay 0.4 Second To Use
White Potion Delay 1 Second To Use
Yellow Potion Delay 0.2 Second To Use
Orange Potion Delay 0.2 Second To Use
Blue Potion Delay 0.2 Second To Use
Bloody Branch Delay 0.2 Second To Use
Red Potion No Delay To Use
( Custom Change To Quest )
Endless Tower
Change Monster Valkyrie Randgris To 90 Floor Now Is Memory of Thanatos
( Removing Summon Monster On Bloody Branch )
Golden Thief Bug Monster
Ifrit Monster
Kiel D-01 Monster Monster
Gloom Under Night Monster
Valkyrie Randgris Monster
Gopinich Monster
Atroce Monster
Ktullanux Monster
Angeling Monster
( Removing Gods Item In Game )
Brisingamen Accessory
Megingjard Accssory

( NPC's And Quest's Npc )
Reset Stats Npc
Job Changer Npc
Warper Npc
Healer Npc
Donation Machine Npc
Platinum Skill Npc
Universal Rental Npc
Stylist Npc
Card Remover Npc
Gold Room Npc
Item Mall Npc
Atm Credit Card Exchange Npc
Ygg Berry Coupon Exchange Npc
Broadcaster Npc
Tcg Card Shop Npc
Rok Point Shop Npc
Identifier Npc
DB Room Npc
Quest Shop Npc

Best Breaker Point Npc
Treasure Hunter Quest
Fishing Quest
Thanatos Tower Quest
Satan Morocc Quest
Nydhoggs Nest Quest
Break The Seal Quest
Hokage Ninja Quest
Wings Collector Quest
Valkyrie Crafter Quest
Icarus Quest
Nami Tamaki Quest
Iruka Quest
Neko Hater Quest
Icarus Doppelganger Quest
Splitz Quest
Endless Tower Quest

( Game Command's )
And Many More Check In Game

( Automatic Event's )
Poring Catcher
Monster Attack Invasion In Town
Bomb Poring
Find The Mushroom
Hourly Point
New Last Man Stading
Battle Ground War

• ( War Of Emperium Information ) •
Schedule Day: Monday - Sunday
Time: 8:00PM Until 10:00PM Everyday

So What Are You Waiting For? Called Your Friends And Download And Register Now To Experience An Adventure! :No1:
Come & Join Us At FPRO Gaming Artificial Entertainment.


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Please make sure you have the top text in English as well.

thanks  @mysterios maybe soon ^_^

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