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March Digest 2017

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March Digest 2017

The following digest covers the month of March 1st - March 30th 2017


I apologize for my tardiness. There were other things that came up and I never got around to finishing this digest & the April one.


Team Changes

  • Smoke has joined the team as a Core Developer
  • Asheraf has joined the team as a Script Developer
  • Ragno has joined the team as a Script Developer


Development Highlights


Scripting Highlights


Database Highlights


March Statistics

  • During the period there were 38 Commits.
  • 31 Commits from Pull Requests with 7 Bugs* fixed from merged issues.


*Please note: Bug fixes are counted as references to issues; it does not include bugs that have been fixed without issue reference. The number of commits includes those that were merged.

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