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Scheduled Maintenance - Today @ 13:00 (EDT)

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Hey everyone,


There will be a scheduled maintenance today at 13:00 EDT (5:00pm GMT). The forums will go offline for a few hours (no rough ET). Prior to maintenance, we will put the forums in a read-mode only state to prevent new topics/posts being made... which will help with the transition to IPB4!


The only thing that will be affected by this maintenance and transitions is our forums; our Wiki & GitHub Repo won't be. The Wiki is already in read-only mode and is in a achieved state. With that in mind, you are still able to visit our GitHub Repo page.


The transition to IPB4 has been discussed multiple times with the staff and we agreed to move forward with IPB4. As mentioned above, the forums will take the hardest hit. The forums has quite a few mods written by Ind that will no longer function, along with our 3rd Party Plugins. I can't say, "We won't have any problems with the transition" because there is bound to be a few things that come up since our IPB is quite outdated; thus there will be no ET given.


Next time you visit Hercules after 13:00 EDT, we will be using IPB4! :)


Discord Server

We have a Discord Server! This would have been mentioned in another announcement/Digest (May) which will be announced after the maintenance. Here is our Discord Channel:

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