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Timed clif->specialeffect?


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It really depends on what you wish to accomplish. Do you want to do it from a plugin or from scripts? Do you want the effect to be centered on the player or on another unit (mob,npc, ...)? Do you want all players in the area to see it or only one player?


From a plugin you would simply push to the event queue, while from script you would use addtimer() or npc timers in combination with specialeffect().

	@timed_effect = EF_HITDARK; // set a PC variable with the effect to use
	addtimer(500, strnpcinfo(NPC_NAME) + "::OnTimedEffect"); // set the trigger to 500ms in the future
	end; // terminate execution

	specialeffect(@timed_effect, AREA, playerattached()); // show the effect to everyone in the area, centered on the attached player


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You need to make a new clif->specialeffect function or simply use a sc_start, and when that status ends trigger a clif->specialeffect.

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