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Determine when a mob's died


Hi peoples,

I'm currently working on a bunch of instances. 

For one of those, I have to pop a certain amount of monsters, which can then pop a skill on a boss one.

For that, when invoking those monsters, I get their ideas from areamonster command's output, store them in a custom array, and use those as base for a unitskill. The problem is that when one of monsters died, I then got an error on unitskill command cause the mob's dead, and therefor, not available for command application.

So I'd like to clean the array when a mobs died. but I can't find a way to get the GID of a monster that died to pop it out of the array, killedrid in the NPCKillEvent being the monster's class.

Is there's a way to do so?

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right before using unitskill() you could call getmapxy() with GID of the mob. If the GID is not found the command will return -1 (while it returns 0 on success). If it returns -1 you would then call deletearray() to remove it from the array while shifting; You can also use the array manipulation function, namely array_shift()


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As meko is correct, this script command wouldnt be more appropiate?

areamobuseskill("<map name>", <x>, <y>, <range>, <mob id>, <skill id>, <skill level>, <cast time>, <cancelable>, <emotion>, <target type>)
*areamobuseskill("<map name>", <x>, <y>, <range>, <mob id>, "<skill name>", <skill level>, <cast time>, <cancelable>, <emotion>, <target type>)

This command will make all monsters of the specified mob ID in the 
specified area use the specified skill. Map name, x, and y define the 
center of the area, which extending <range> cells in each direction (ex: a 
range of 3 would create a 7x7 square). The skill can be specified by skill 
ID or name. <cast time> is in milliseconds (1000 = 1 second), and the rest 
should be self-explanatory. 

<target type> can be: 
	0 = self
	1 = the mob's current target
	2 = the mob's master
	3 = random target


	// spawn 1 Shining Plant in the 5x5 area centered on (155,188)
	areamonster("prontera", 153, 186, 157, 190, "Shining Plant", SHINING_PLANT, 1);
	// make the plant cast level 10 Cold Bolt on a random target
	areamobuseskill("prontera", 155, 188, 2, SHINING_PLANT, MG_COLDBOLT, 10, 3000, 1, e_gg, 3)


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