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r829 - New 2016 Wedding Skills / Baby Job Updates / Adoption Requirements Updated

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*Gunslinger, Ninja, Taekwon, and Summoner jobs can now be adopted.
-I didn't confirm if this is possible officially, but with the
-now existing expanded baby jobs this should be allowed for the
-ones that act as a base.

*MAX_SKILL_TREE increased to 85.

*MAX_GUILD_STORAGE lowered to 500.
-This is to prepare for future support for the guild warehouse.


*Updated the wedding rings to support the 2016 wedding skills.


*Baby Jobs
-Can now access the WE_CHEERUP skill if adopted.
-Note: Due to how the system works, the skill may not appear on
-baby players adopted before this update.
-Expanded baby jobs and baby summoners can now access all baby
-wedding skills when adopted.


-Corrected the damage formula for when attacking monsters.

-Added support for these skills.

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