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Good Day guys!

It's been a long long time since i post my last map :D and now here is another piece of my work,

I created the new payon town inspired on the new RO-Mobile payon, it's not that similar but I mixed the old and new payon also the newest payon.

Just check it and enjoy!


1. Whole map view - gg11.png

2. Center Town - OFbs.png

3. Middle Left - s6jn.png

4. Portal to Payon Agit - 2Hcy.png

5. Middle Right  - BUCI.png

6. Payon Entrance - 4xNR.png

7. Lower Left - AcGw.png

8. Lower Right - 04j7.png

9. Upper Right to Payon Archer - U1Pw.png


Thank you for viewing!



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