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Omg this is so untrue...

what all he wanted?
Full Installation of Server

Website design & Code I

Installed on a dedicated server Up-to-date Hercules Emulator (stable).

Up-to-date Client (stable)

I have completed the whole project and submitted to him.

his domain name:-

what all I did?
1] Logo
2] graphics
3] installation of herc on his server.
4] installation of 2017 bug-free Client [with some modifications].
5] Whole Responsive bootstrap coded Design.
6] Coding of the Website.
7] Patcher Design and Coding.
8] then he suggested me to update all the website the way he wanted it. I did that as well.

everything was good and he was very polite and nicely talking, he was very happy and satisfied.

I really don't know all of a sudden what happens to him.


He has shut down the domain:-
but I have uploaded it on my demo site (to show that the work is completed):-
I have already completed all the above and really don't know why is he behaving like this?
all the above is completed
this person has also claimed a returned on 
PayPal, I did everything he wanted.
I don't know if he has changed the password or just closed the server and domain ..

I don't he might have changed his mind of opening server etc,. 
I really don't understand how to deal with this now.

he is trying to scam me..
he already got all that I have done.. and now he is trying to get the money as well.
can anyone suggest me what to do in this situation?

I suggest checked that this person has joined the herc forum on 31st of May. 2018
was he a fraud ? or someone's duplicate account?

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slow progress. but good service. he changed everything that i asked him to changed before the final touch. other than that, the service is really good except for the slow response that's about it. keep up the good work.

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I like the results of what i requested from him. he replies when he has the time 100%. and still gonna use his services in the future.
If you're getting a website i'm going to say take this services :))

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Great Service, quick delivery. I said I'm in no hurry and he still delivered in only 5 days. He changed everything to my wishes and even improves some material I sent him (which I wanted him to use).


Price: 5/5
Support: 5/5
Time needed: 5/5

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