Stellar - FluxCP (Herc FluxCP)

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Stellar - FluxCP (Herc FluxCP)

Stellar by HTML5 UP | @ajlkn | html5up.net
Free for personal and commercial use under the CCA 3.0 license (html5up.net/license)

Integrated to FluxCP (Hercules) by Hyvraine of Hyvraine Designs | facebook.com/HyvraineDesigns


Ported this to FluxCP (Herc) as I was fiddling with responsive templates. It's semi-responsive, I think.


  • WoE Countdown
  • Top Guild
  • Top Player (based on FluxCP's Character Ranking module)

This follows the default theme of FluxCP, it acts similar like Emphaino where it inherits the default FluxCP pages.

  1. Extract the RAR file in the themes folder. 
  2. In application.php: make sure 'stellar' comes first and then 'default' next
	'ThemeName'            => array('stellar','default'), // Names of the themes you would like to use.  Themes are in FLUX_ROOT/themes. First theme listed will be default theme.

And you should be good to go.


Site title is still dependent on the variable SiteTitle inside application.php.

Edit index.php in stellar/main/ for the front page stuff.

For the Favicon, Logo, Description, WoE Hours, Site Navigation, please visit settings.php for more instructions.



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it's beautiful but where is the Admin menu like default theme? It's possible to active it from the settings.php and how can I make it?
There is more importants link/page like logs system, service desk (staff area), send global mail, ip ban list etc... that I do not know how to view these links only if a user is logged in as administrator or GM.

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