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Setup Proxy in Server


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I've used plenty of proxy servers, so this is just a heads up from my experience.

VPS are a waste of time as far as proxy servers are concerned. I had some really expensive vps in some of the Asian and S.A. countries and they helped very little or slowed down most people. This is because most vps use a crap port speed which doesn't help anyone. But I even upgraded the port speed to 1 Gbps on some and still didn't help. Shared connection is a bish.

I had the same experience with cloud servers. These all claimed 1 gbps port speeds and great connection, but same result.

My positive results have been and continue to be dedicated servers as proxies. Sure it's significantly more expensive, but players that use dedicated proxies confirm that the delay and ping are noticeably better. You can slightly reduce the cost if you do not get the proxy ddos protected and just set up the ip to get nullrouted if it gets spammed. That way people can just go on your main ip in case of an attack. 

Location of proxies is extremely important. I'll use Brazil as an example since this is here we found this to be very important. We first got a proxy somewhere towards the middle of Brazil, since we could target the most people. Even though people there have crap connections, the ones that were further up north than the proxy ended up getting more delay by using the proxy. That's because our main server was in Canada. The people that were coming from southern Brazil had a better connection using the proxy than going directly to the main.

Lastly to the people that say proxies don't help, you are right for the most part. You have to set it up properly and get proper equipment for it to make any noticeable difference. But doing it right does help quite a lot of people. We are currently running a West Coast proxy optimized for Asian connections and about 20-30% of our total players use it over the main connection. 

Just my own experience in the matter.

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