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Tio Akima

Sprite Ataq of each class.


Hello guys..

the question is a bit complex.

'm looking at SRC, where it talks about how each class attacks.

each class has 3 ways to attack (which change according to the weapon it is using)

She attacks in a way when using a spear, attacks otherwise when she is using a sword ... And attacks otherwise when she is not using weapons ...

Another example:

The monk when it is without weapon, uses the sprite attack 3 (NOT COULD BE ... should be the sprite ataq 2) ... 
The archer, uses the sprite attack 3 only when he has a bow and arrow equipped. (Its OK)

I want to edit this to be uniform, all the same way.
Can someone tell me where to find this information in SRC?

It must be something about the BASIC ATTACK of each class.
All sprites (ACT) are standard
However, each  class react in different ways.
each class has a basic attack that reacts in a way ...
Where can I find it at SRC?

It's a little complex, but I believe that by changing ownership of the basic attack, I can make uniform for all classes.

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