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Christian [epicRO]

epicRO - New Mid Rate Setting

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Welcome to a Ragnarok Server free of pay2win with the good old stable and balanced feeling of Pre-Renewal.
We are running on NPCs who appears in Episode 13.2 with custom changes and security updates and fixes until today.

We are glad to offer you a 24/7 stable server with high performance and a full ddos and injection protection.
Location of the server is in EU / France. Gamemasters are german guys and girls with the will to improve our own
english skills.

We are online since 2008 (started on eA until 2012 with 2 wipes. Some hackers attacks and some big mistakes of the
leading team. 2012 until 2016 no wipe. Since 10th of February we are running on Mid Rate Settings.
A whole gameplay but with a lot of pay2win content. On April 2017 we've started our new Version called "epicRO Rebirth"
without any single-player-pay2win-content. You can donate us and receive some cashpoints for the ingame cashshop.
There you'll find some style-only equipments. No + stats, + boni, nothing.

Just join us today and tell our Novice Manager Sylvie the following code: "HERCWS" You'll receive instant our starterscute_poring___finished_by_synyster276-d4ac97z.jpg
pack and some good boni to start and make a whole overview about our server and its content.

We are looking forward to see you ingame and become a part of the epicRO Community.


Ratemyserver: New Midrate

Used content:

- plugin "whosell" (to make you search the vending stores)
- plugin "fixedaspd" (for custom events [belongs to fairness])
- plugin "noitem" (for custom events like Novice PvP)
- plugin "hBG" (for a great feeling in Battleground with Consumable Items, active 2-chars-check)
- plugin "VisibleMonstersHP" (to see every monsters HP if its in range)
- plugin "costumeitem" for Cashshop Items and Costume Creator NPC
- plugin "auraset" for Cashshop and WoE / Event Rewards
- plugin "mobs" to see what mobs are on the entire map
- plugin "movespeed (for custom events [belongs to fairness])
- plugin "market" to leave a market clone of your char back to make advertisements
- plugin "arealoot" to make you pick up 4x4 cells items on the ground (no autoloot)
- own plugin "rodex-bank-npc" to prevent players from using rodex and bank while acting

Usable commands for players

Disable, enable and changes aura of you.
Pickup all items after mob death
Pickup just selected Item IDs as autoloot does
@autotrade Your vending merchant will stay logged and the client is closing
@arealoot Picking up items on 4x4 cell (auto-enabled), disable with @settings
@autoloot Only @autoloot 1 (auto enabled) (disable with @settings)
@buy Opens the Tool Dealer with 100% price rise
@cashshop Opens the cashshop (no pay 2 win content)
@changegm {charname} Changes the guild leader of your guild
@commands Shows you all useable @commands
@eventinfo Shows you autostart event informations
@exp Shows you your current exp points

Part of our 'Find Gamemaster Event'
Warps you directly to a town

@guildstoragepw Change, setup and display guild storage password
@help Shows you the global server help
@hominfo Opens detailed information about your homunculus
@homstats Shows you the current stats of your homunculus
@iteminfo {item_id | item_name} Shows you global information about an item
@jailtime Shows you the left jail-time of your character
@market "title" "info text" Leaves a clone with chat window. You can play after clone appears.
@marketkill Kills the market clone. (Same effect as relog)
@mobinfo {mob_id | mob_name} Shows you global information about a mob
@mobs Displays current mobs / mvps of the map
@rates Displays the current rates in your chat
Synchronises your client with the server
Repairs all broken equipments for 10.000 zeny
Opens the request system (currently unavailable)
Opens a selling window to your client
@settings Toggles epicRO specific settings
@shoexp Shows you your received experience points
@showdelay Activates skill-fail-messages of delayed skills
@showzeny Shows your received zeny in your chat
@time Displays the current server time (Germany/Berlin)
@uptime Shows you the uptime of the system
@whereis {mob_id | mob_name} Display spawn locations of mobs
@whodrops Shows you the mob that drops the item you've looked for
@whosell Let you serch for items in the vending shops and shows your the location



Server Settingscute_poring___finished_by_synyster276-d4ac97z.jpg

Global / Floating Rates: 30x ~ 50x Base | 30x ~ 50x Job | 30x Quest | 30x Item | 30x Card
  Base and job exp are based on total votes.
Boss Rates: 30x Base | 30x Job | 30x Item | 1x Card
MVP Extra Drop Rate: 1x Item | 1x Card
AddDrop Rate: 1x (Normal State)
Unique Item ID's: activated
Episode: 13.2
  Pre Renewal
Serversoftware: Hercules (Current Git)
Client Version: 2015-05-13aRagexe
Language settings NPC and client in english
Protection Gepard Protection
(no 0delay, no Bots, no changes at the client, Unique ID transfer)
Mobcount: 100%
Monster Respawn: Normal
Monster Hitlock: Normal
Party Share: up to 15 level difference
Max. Party Member: 24 Member
Death Penality: 1% of the reached base exp
Max ASPD 190
Vending-Tax: 2%
@autotrade Savetime: Even after server-restart vending chars will stand logged in
Max Zeny 2.147.483.647
Restart and Backup: Keep in mind the news and changelogs in our board.

2017-03-04 - 06'15 pm: Start of alpha. Serversettings rated with community
2017-03-11 - 07'19 pm: Server-Wipe and start of the beta phase
2017-03-25 - 08'00 am:
2018-02-10 - 08:00 am:
Beta end on 25th of march '17. No more wipe needed.
Changed server settings from Low Rate to Mid Rate



WoE 1.0 active. Times: UTC +1cute_poring___finished_by_synyster276-d4ac97z.jpg
Wednesday and Sunday - 8 p.m. - 9 p.m.

WoE SE planned.


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