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r844 - Recoded Banding And Updated Hesperuslit / Chorus Skills Min/Wan Check AoE Updated

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*Added the "hesperuslit_bonus_stack" config.
+This sets if the effect bonuses requires a banding count to be equal or be
-equal to or higher then the effect number.

+Added these functions.
+These functions calculate the banding count for the number of Royal Guards in
-banding around the caster, as well as the average HP of the banding group, sets
-the HP for each banding player, and maxes out the rage spheres for those in
-banding with force of vanguard active when requirements are met.

*Made the code for chorus count checks more efficent.


*Corrected the max level for CG_MOONLIT in the skill database.


*Chorus Skills
+The chorus count check is now limited to counting Minstrel's/Wanderer's that are
-within a 31x31 AoE around the player casting a chorus skill.

+Recoded the skill.
+The AoE's of each Royal Guard now work seprate from each other.
+The main 7x7 AoE that moves around with the caster now only affects enemies and
-gives the status that reduces movement speed. The status is removed if the enemy
-moves out of the AoE or the AoE vanishes. This AoE doesn't require banding with
-other's to make it work. It will work for a player alone.
+A 2nd AoE is now used with the skill which generates a 7x7 splash AoE around the
-caster every 5 seconds to check for other Royal Guards near the player that are
-also in banding status and are in the same party. This is when the stored banding
-count is updated, along with the caster's ATK/DEF and also calculates the HP share.

+Fixed a issue where the element didn't turn to holy when banding requirement's were met.
+Now maxes out the rage sphere's for all in banding when the banding count is 7.
+Bonus effects no longer stack.

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