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Wings of Asgard Ragnarok Online Server

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Wings of Asgard Ragnarok Online Server
Hello everyone,
I'm here to bring you all the new and reliable Ragnarok Online server release.
We will be hosting a PROMOTION event on 29.03.2018 to motivate players to join and try our server. Posts will be created soon to explain better how it's going to work. In advance we can annouce:
For every account:
- 3 days vip for every new account created between 29.03.2018 12pm GMT-3 and 01.04.2018 11:59pm GMT-3;
- Combat manuals to kindly boost everyone's exp;
- An exlusive costume to thanks for trying Wings of Asgard Server;
For the Server:
50% bonus exp for the entire server;
and More!
Wings of Asgard was launched in 03.03.18 and is an evolutive server starting off on Hugel episode, with low rates e balanced drop rates so we can valorize all your effort into it and provide a flesh RO experience. Even with all features and customizations, WoA keeps all the originality. It's importante to Keep in mind our server is not limited on Brazil, so, Both languages ( PT_br and English EN_us ) are Supported by the server and staff.
Also, we already count with confirmed guild that are already rushing their stuff into the server in preparation to BG's and WoEs.
With NO overpowered itens in cash shop, it will sell, in your majority, costume itens and utility equipments to help everyone in their journey. The server focus on balance and quality after all. Also, Server can already sustain itself.
Some more detailed informations you can find in our website and forum but here is a quick review:

x Basic Informations
Max Level: 99/70;
Rates: 8x/8x/4x;
Episode: 10.4 - Hugel;
Protection: Gepard Shield and Adelays;
Exclusive Content from renewall re-balanced to fit servers configurations;
Exclusive client modifications: Fast refresh, Integrated RCX and more;
Automatic mini-games;
No Pay to Win Cash shop;
Server timezone: GMT-3
x Host
Located on Canada

x Useful Links
Link site:
Discord EN:
Facebook :
Join us and help us to make it GREAT!
Wings of Asgard Staff


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