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[SOLVED]No item description available in-game


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I've managed to set up a Hercules pre-renewal server. I'm using ragexe 2012-04-10 and all seem to work apart from the item descriptions which are all blank. 

Prior to above I did try my way out (had one working regular renewal server using 2015-xx-xx client). The translation folders (pre-renewal and renewal) are merged. For the server I did drop the MySQL database and created a new one for the move from renewal to pre-renewal.

Let me know if you need anything else to support the troubleshooting. Your help is greatly appreciated!!



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Wohooo, that did the trick! Thank you very much OmarAcero for providing a solution!


For people with the same issue, below are how I got it to work:

I copied all of the files under OmarAcero's link "Files client 2012-04-10" and extracted them to the right locations (in the respective subfolders at the client folder). the data.ini file differed a bit from my previous one where 2 entries were missing. Now i have 4 entries in the data.ini file and 2 two additional entries. The referred entries are available in the package: 


which I extracted to the root folder of the client. I then only had to change the IP address in the clientinfo.xml file to match my external IP address in order to connect to the server. 



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