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Star Gladiator Soul Link


Hi! Can someone help me to enable Lv. 10 Parrying, Lv. 10 LOV and Increase damage on Boss monster and Holy monster by 100% in Star Gladiator when soul linked? I already searched for it but got no luck finding the one that will fit the latest trunk. I cannot find the skill_require_db in the latest trunk of Hercules too but I'm still finding for a solution until now.


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Hercules skill db is all in one - skill_db.conf. You need to edit src for this.

For lv10 LOV, check BUILDIN(skill) in script.c for an example of how to add a skill for a char.
You will need to add the code when status SL_STAR starts, and disable when SL_STAR ends.

So places to edit are status_change_start and status_change_end_
Just search or add case SC_SOULLINK: in these functions with val2 == SL_STAR

Can't help you anymore.

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