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r853 - Job Restriction System / Doram Style/Dye Ranges / Number of Bug Fixes

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*Added ranges of styles/dyes for Doram's.
-This is a range seprate from the regular ones since Doram's officially have a
-different set number of hair styles and cloth dyes. As of 2018-06-05 they have
-6 hair styles, 8 hair dyes, and no cloth dyes (tho kRO says their will be a few
-added soon).

+Added these configs to the client config file.
-These are a seprate set of style/dye ranges for Doram characters.
-This is needed since they have different maxes from humans.

*Updated a few commands to pickup on the style/dye ranges for Doram characters.

*Updated default setting for "max_hair_style" to 29.

*Corrected default setting for "max_hair_color" to 8.

+Changed the packet these functions use to 0x1d0 (ZC_SPIRITS).
-This change fixes a issue where Rebellion's Coin sphere's and Soul Reaper's
-Soul Energy sphere's would look like regular spirit sphere's when the player
-warps to another map, refreshes, and also appear as spirit sphere's to other
-players who walk into view range of the one with the spheres.
-It also fixes a issue where the sphere's may not vanish properly from view
-when the player dies.

*Added job restriction system.
+This allows setting restrictions to different jobs that prevent's them from
-entering certain maps. Attempts of entering a map as a banned job will just
-result in no warpping. Basicly, something as simple as walking into a regular
-map warp won't do anything if the player's job is banned from entering the map.
-This works for teleporting, warping, any warp commands, walking into NPC warp,
-put something else here and it will likely fail as well.
-Should a player playing a job banned from that map somehow login on that map,
-the player will be warped out into Prontera's graveyard behind the church.
-These restrictions can be set in the "job_notallowed" database file.

*Added a missing timer function list entry for the soul energy system.


*Updated const file to support detection of new style/dye ranges for Doram
-characters in NPC scripts.

*Added the "job_notallowed" file.
-This file is used to set jobs that are banned from entering certain maps.
-It basicly works just like item_noequip and skill_nocast_db.

*Rebuilt the map cache.
-This is due to prontera being reverted back to the original version.


*Updated the 3CeAM super stylist to detect the ranges of styles/dyes for Doram


+Fixed a issue where the skill would deal extremely high damage on targets with
-negeative DEF.

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