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Hello and hi!) My dear colleagues!) Honestly, I do not know if this is the first
project of its kind, but it reached the point when it already has something to
show. I have noticed for a long time that there are enough musical instruments
in RO, but there is no variability and the bards are rigidly driven into the framework
of certain song skills. And what if, in the breaks between the endless standing
in a party, casting «A Poem of Bragi», would they want to slightly improvise
on favorite instruments?



The project consists of collected clean samples of musical instruments specially
selected for the style of each instrument, so they can be easily distinguished
from each other, even if it's another guitar. The length of the samples varies
from 3 to 26 seconds, they are all collected in .wav format in good quality
(video quality is quite low, sorry).

A few statistics that are at the moment:

+ 821 code lines for «@ solo» command activating samples that everyone can hear within the screen
+ 282 music samples
+ 2753 sec (~46 min) sound duration in total
- total weight about 700 mb in grf (it is possible to offer players to download optional - to prevent errors in the game - just add empty wav files with similar names)

00:05 - 1919.gif Bass Guitar - 46 samples x 515 sec
00:58 - 1907.gif Guitar - 17 samples x 155 sec
01:47 - 1914.gif Burning Passion Guitar - 13 samples x 124 sec
02:32 - 1915.gif Loner's Guitar - 9 samples x 99 sec
03:15 - 1917.gif Gentle Breeze Guitar - 15 samples x 135 sec
04:13 - 1916.gif Green Acre Guitar - 14 samples x 159 sec
04:45 - 1905.gif Lute/Oriental Lute - 11 samples x 119 sec
05:29 - 1903.gif Mandolin - 11 samples x 88 sec
06:26 - 1913.gif Electric Guitar - 12 samples x 133 sec
07:38 - 1920.gif Berserk Guitar - 17 samples x 147 sec
08:42 - 1925.gif Cello - 20 samples x 210 sec
09:48 - 1901.gif Violin - 26 samples x 211 sec
10:52 - 1911.gif Gumoongoh - 21 samples x 197 sec
12:09 - 1909.gif Harp, Harp of Nepenthes - 21 samples x 221 sec
13:15 - 1930.gif Green Whistle - 18 samples x 129 sec
None - 1934.gif Contrabass - 11 samples x 111 sec (sorry, I did forget to show this instrument in the video)

Will add 1935.gif Oz's New Ukulele and 11O6wti.gif Hippie Guitar samples after a while...



At the moment the "solo" command only calls up a certain sound sample, animation
of the play on the instrument and emotion, which can be turned off together with
the sound effects in the settings. It does not make any sense and is made
exclusively for the fan. For example, playing a regular play in a RO (like Romeo
and Juliet) or conducting a meeting, you can create a background atmosphere.
However, you will agree, the scale for further development of the class of bards
is amazing. You can connect the number of played samples to the level of
«Musical Lesson» or the weapon's upgrade, you can add an additional skill with
a delay that will give a small bonus to yourself or others different from
the standard skills, or add a certain bonus to the instrument itself.

P>S>S> Why samples? 3 x Because:


Because it's almost impossible to make an analog of fruti loops in Ragnarok, even if you use the entire BattleMod :D
Because it's possible to add melodies to familiar ones from real life :D
Because they have a time duration, to which you can add some bonus :D

P>S>S>S> The map using in this video - Barcode

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