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Hello and hi!) I show you the next half-ready project) Now I tried to update
the appearance of the locations around the Prontera, as it were in episode 16.
Bad or not - you decide. This project is the subpart of a larger update of
locations, of which I will report later .


All models of trees, bushes, and bridges are replaced by new ones from new
episodes. A custom texture is created that differs from the new standard
with a higher brightness and which is more in tune with the old texture.
And everywhere were planted hundreds of all kinds of flowers, which only
could find in the models. Now I can not imagine the field without this small update ¬3¬


Old - standart texture
Test - the texture received in the process of improvement
New - the best result that could be identified among dozens variants of brightness and intencity changing by 1% ^O^

At the moment, half of the Prontera maps are ready, and the combined textures of the locations of Morroc and Prontera are made.

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