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No such directory


Good day!

How to make this work?

./login-server.sh has ./login-server

./map-server.sh has ./map-server

./char-server.sh has char-server on script, however when running it says ./login-server, ./map-server and char-server no such directory. what file should i need to run the script?

#Hi my naem is Kirt and I liek anime

ulimit -Sc unlimited

while [ 2 ] ; do
if [ -f .stopserver2 ] ; then
echo server marked down >> server-log.txt
echo restarting server at time at `date +"%m-%d-%H:%M-%S"`>> start-log.txt

sleep 5



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If it can't find login- char- or map-server and manually doing ls {login,char,map}-server shows nothing then either the build failed or you forgot to build altogether.

Make sure you have the required dependencies installed and then follow the build instructions

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