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HELP>Updated Guide of Hercules Setup?


Hi there!

It's been a while since i last set up Hercules. Already read and followed some of the existing Guides. (but it's obsolete)
Anyone, can you walk me through the CONF files Set up?

i'm kind of stuck in the "inter-server.conf" and the MySQL set up.
By the way, i'm using Visual Studio 2017, Can i Build any of the Hercules-11,12,14.sln (solution) files using it?

Thank you for checking my post!

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Conf Files:

https://habilisbest.com/raspberry-pi-and-ragnarok-online-private-server (Just follow that "Configure your Server" step to understand .conf)

Hercules-11,12,14.sln depends on your Visual Studio 2017. Hercules-15 would support Visual Studio 2017, which is currently reviewed (https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/2131), Although you can just run Hercules-14.sln and it would show you Upgrade to latest format(or something like that), and it would work fine.


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