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(Question) fix damage


Hello to all friends in the community, I would like to know if it is possible to change the card formula Samurai Incantation (4263 ID) to fix damage independent of defense or racial resistance, I found an interesting dynamics for PvP.
Thank you all for the attention and who can answer me. 

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what? are you asking for a true damage that always hits 999 or something what?


because im not here everyday i will provide you with what i can make sense of what you say 


go to skil.c


it will be above this


add your skill over this

make sure in skill DB in your pre/re folder your skill is set to MISC type damage not magic or physical or w/e

then go to battle.c



add your skill with its new damage,


if you are editing old skill go back in battle.c and delete all other traces of it unless its something super specific and not damage related (probably wont)

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