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r862 - Dispell And Clearance Update for Emperor And Reaper Status / Few New Item Bonuses / Mixed Bag of Other Changes

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*Changed a few settings in the client.conf file to new defaults.
+max_hair_style changed from 29 to 31. (July 2018 client or higher needed)
+max_doram_cloth_color changed from 0 to 3. (July 2018 client or higher needed)
+save_body_style changed from no to yes.
-Note: Body style's will now be saved by default from here on since the alternate
-3rd job outfits are now officially released in kRO. Make sure your kRO and RE
-client data is up-to-date to prevent errors.

+Added support for these bonuses.

*Fixed a issue where bonus and bonus2 for fixedcastrate stacked.
-Only the highest percentage should be taken.

*Burning status now reduces MDEF by 25%.

*Frost status no longer increases variable cast time.
+Now increases fixed cast time by 50%.


*Corrected some equips that were usable by Star Emperor and Soul Reaper jobs
-that should not be usable by those jobs.

*Added the "Costume Change Ticket" item.

*Added body style support to the mob_avail file.

*The packet_db now shows the 2018-06-21aRagexeRE client can be used.
-It uses the same exact packets as the 2018-06-20eRagexeRE.


*Updated item_bonus file to show how to use the new bonuses.


*Star Emperor
*Soul Reaper
+Updated the status's given by their skills for dispell/clearance rules.

+No longer removes soul reaper soul links.

+Can now be used on Soul Linker / Soul Reaper jobs.

+Now allows the use of all Star Emperor's Sun, Moon, Star, and Universe skills.

+Duration updated to official and is now affected by skill level used.

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