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How to create server status script for website php (non flux cp)


How to create server status/online peak/registered account count/server time script for website normal php non flux cp website

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same process connect your html/splash page to your phpmyadmin but the down side is unencrypted.


or add encryption



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Habilis is all about CyberSecurity

SO, here is an answer of a Hukker

Create a SQLView in teh Database 



CREATE VIEW vw_ServerStats AS



FROM users 



  ON ...

2 - Create a SQL user  herc_Viewer

With the grant to select ONLY on vw_ServerStats

That way if an Evil Hukker such as Habilis uploads a WebShell to your shitkoded super sophisticated website

and sees your connections string for user herc_Viewer and his password. 

Habilis will not be able (CREATE, EDIT, DELETE) users

Habilis will not be able to CREATE mvp cards and sell them for real money (Habilis's favorite)

Habilis will not be able to SELECT user info such as Emails and passwords

Only thing Habilis will be able to do is to SELECT info already publically available on your website.


Beware of Hukkers, and don't forget to download your internet anonymity!



Edited by Habilis

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1) online peak: make a script to log peak count on Sql and read that from website

2) server status; check if port is open

3) server time: set timezone in web script which matches your server timezone.

4) account count; you need count query (follow habilis guide to ensure there can't be any other access)

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