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r864 - SQL Updates / Few Script And Other Fixes

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*max_cloth_color changed to 3.
-Turns out while the old original 1st and 2nd jobs has a 4th dye option, the other
-jobs don't. Plus the styling shop info only allows for dyes up to 3 by default.
-They must of decided long ago to only offer 3 dyes.

*Added 2 new skill place holders.

*Updated the "displayskill" command to allow for selecting which skill animation
-packets to send.


*Fixed some item script errors in item_db.


-Fixed a issue where the animation wouldn't appear on 2018-06-20 and newer clients.

-Fixed a issue where the damage didn't bypass protection from Devotion.

-Added missing item requirement.


=SQL Files
*Fixed some item script errors in item_db.

*Changed the values of monster's stats to smallint.


*Updated perl script for the monsters to use smallint for their stats.

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