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r865 - Added New Maps / Fixed Item Drop Feature / 2 New Towns

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*Added tons of new maps to the map index and cache.
-Cache is completely rebuilt using data.grf last patched on 2018-06-20.
-Index lists are taken from rAthena. Credits to them.
-Note: I had to use a grf that wasn't as up-to-date due to the mapcache program
-having issues reading one I have patched to the end of October 2018.
-Its likely that it can't read grf's over 2 GB in size.

*Players that have hair style 0 will have their style changed to 1 on login.
-Also players having a body dye of 1 will have their dye changed to 0 on login.
-This is because hair style 0 and body dye 1 are not allowed in official servers.
-Both for each one is basicly the same. Not sure why its like that but it is.
-Using them can cause small glitches on character select and the equip window.
-Example: The blue crystal looking things on the Warlock outfit will appear
-black and missing other colors on body dye 1.
-GM's can still access those values by command, but will be changed back on login.

*Added 2 new towns to the "go" command. Lasagna and Rock Ridge.

*Fixed some linux compile error's.


*Added item_fixeddrop.
-This allows you to add items that you don't want to be affected by the set
-server rates and instead only be affected by whats set in the monster database.
-Basicly its a way to force certain items to drop at official chances no matter
-what the rates are set to.


*Updated the 3ceam_stylist to not allow the use of hair style 0 and body dye 1.
-This is for official reasons and also to prevent glitches.

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