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Hello, I'am kind of new on Ragnarok Server Emulator scenario (I said "kind of" because I already made a server like 5 years ago, but forgot almost everything), and I can't really find a good tutorial or when I find it's a really outdated one.

I will tell things that I understand and can make on my own:

 -Cloning from GitHub repository and using Visual Studio to compile it

 -Creating a MySQL database and import the sql-files to create all tables, items and skill data

 -Alter the credentials in the Emulator to successfully access the created MySQL database (the 3 servers can communicate with each other and no SQL related errors are issued)


Then after this I'm stuck, I remember that I need to do Hexx in the games files, but I forgot how to do it and all other tutorials I find are very outdated.

There is a link to an updated tutorial that I can follow? Or someone with time to explain? I know this kind of thread/question are asked million times, but I'am really stuck here.

I plan to run Hercules on the following ambient (it's a VPS):

OS: Windows Server 2012 R2



CPU: Xeon Dual-Core 3Ghz

Ps: sorry for my english, I know some parts are a bit awful to understand.

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