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hello guys, again here, someone would know how to create a npc, which requires "xxx" zeny, to register a "guild_name" of the character in the npc itself, then when the registration ends, the npc itself would check the guild name of the characters and if it was the "guild_name" registered in npc, would you teleport the "guild_members" to a location? I'm Brazilian and have a big project in mind, but with little knowledge in this area



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I see you want to learn how to script NPCs. On your Hercules server folder, check out the documentaton for scripting. This will start you off so that your "little knowledge in this area" becomes bigger. You'll eventually become a great scripter!

The documentation for scripting is found in:


I want to do X, where do I look for that?

Specifically for the things you want to learn, look for the following sections in the document:

Create an npc
Script loading structure, Script file format

which requires "xxx" zeny
Variables, Zeny

to register a "guild_name"

when the registration ends

if it was the guild name
Operators, conditional operators


the guild members

Arrays may be a more difficult topic to learn on your own, but reading other people's scripts will help you understand how it works. You can ask questions.

If you get started on scripting it, I can give you some feedback on your code when I'm free.

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