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Black spots on the map


Hello there,

Do you guys have an idea what is causing this visual error? I'm not sure if it's cause by:

  • corrupted map files
  • bad client configuration
  • some other client file that i haven't configured

Black spots show up in only certain parts of the map. It appears to be some kind of tiling issue, or resource problem.


Client in use
Completely updated client using rsu-kro-rag-lite.exe as of December 14, 2018.


Hercules Server version
Hercules 32-bit for Windows
Git revision (src): '6b3a70adefd5eea89ad4144a48c24501e4cdfa52'
Git revision (scripts): '6b3a70adefd5eea89ad4144a48c24501e4cdfa52'


Operating system
Windows 8 Enterprise (build 9200) [x86_64]


If there's missing information I need to provide, please let me know what I need to share. Thanks in advance!




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4 answers to this question

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You may want to try using a newer client to see if that resolves the issue. Newer clients likely have updated support for newer OS's and API's and you client being a Feb 2014 client is close to reaching 5 years of age.

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It's related to your graphics card. From what I know (which isn't 100% trustworthy), it's basically an issue where RO is "too old" for newer graphic cards to work work properly with. It supposedly doesn't show if you have lightmaps disabled. Other temporary and unsatisfactory fixes are forcing a User Account Control (UAC) popup with the background dimming to occur or locking your computer, either of which should be done while RO is running. This can freeze some clients though.




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Thank you both for the advice.

I will move forward with using a newer client and post the details of my experiment and its results here.


I did the following:

  1. Used Rytech's release of 2017-06-14b,
  2. Configured using the continued NEMO Patcher using the recommended patches,
  3. Updated server (src/map/mmo.h) to use the correct PACKETVER,
  4. Ran the server and tested the client.


The newer client was able to fix the visual artifacts on the screen.


From my review of Hercules and rAthena, NEMO and available clients, it seems that 2017-06-14b is the most stable client that is most used.

Various reasons were because:

  • themida software protection on the newer clients, making it difficult for newer clients to be hex editable
  • rAthena's focus to support only RagexeRE (and not including Ragexe and RagexeZero); understandable because of limited development and testing resources

I'll make use of this client.

Again, thanks for the recommendation guys.


@4144 says that Hercules works with the newer 2018 clients patched with the latest Nemo. I'll try my luck to see how to make the errors go away when I hex a 2018 client (some lua/lub files are missing and I'm not sure where to find the right version of the files. I might open a different thread for it).



Edited by fourxhackd
Posting my results after fixing my client. Correction by 4144.

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Most 2018 clients ragexe and ragexe zero not have themida, and herc support all of them.

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