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r878 - Changedress Command / Talkie Box And Graffiti Packet Fix / Silvervine Roottwist And Convenio Added

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-Added support for these client commands.
-These remove body costume outfits like xmas, summer, hanbok, oktoberfest, etc.

*Removed some code thats no longer needed.
-Gravity found a way to prevent client crashes when displaying body costume's
-while the body style value is set to 1.


-Fixed a issue where the skill didn't work at all.
-This issue was caused by a packet related issue that affected 2013-12-23 and
-newer clients. Sad that this went unnoticed for 5 years.

-Added success chance.
-Updated the list of traps it destroy's to official.

-Fixed a issue where it didn't hit hidden enemies.

-Added support for these skills.

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