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[PAID]LF Client Side Setup/Developer

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I am in need of a skilled and experienced person on the Client side of Ragnarok. I need a kRO Zero Client (or very modern 2018+ kRO client as alternative, if kRo zero isnt possible to my liking).

  • The client needs to be diffed (and most likely HEX edited to my liking, but only a little) to my liking. Feel free to use NEMO for the majority of the diffs.
  • The client needs to come with a clean, fresh installation folder, with ONLY files required to run the game, no bloated extra stuff that does not belong inside the folder.
  • Ideally the Client comes with a Patcher (Thor is fine), but It is not a requirement, but will be added to the pay out if done properly.
  • A full installer should be prepared as well.
  • Some diffs may not work and need to be edited (if possible) to make them work on new kRO Zero clients.
  • In case of problems / instability i expect full support in resolving these issues or a replacement client that solves the issues.
  • I do NOT want pre-configured clients that do not match my expectations and wishes.
  • I may have some question about certain diffs (their actual usage eludes me sometimes) and hope you are supportive and answer my questions to your best ability.


- Payment will be done via PayPal.

- The payment will be discussed after the terms of work have been agreed upon by both parties.

- You will be paid in proportion to the difficulty of the task, generally I am very generous when I pay my clients.

- If you are doing a great job and everything goes well, I will most likely hire you again, which will help us both out in the future.

- Most importantly - be professional.



Contact info:

Discord: Inzanity#1558 (Preferred) / Pm me on this Forum / Skype: inz4n33 (I rarely check it)

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