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Heal only in Woe



Hello community, I found this npc somewhere in the forum, I would like it to only heal when woe starts, and to say this disbottom we are woe I only give heal


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while( .@i < @inventorylist_count ){
	if ( !@inventorylist_identify[.@i] ){
		delitem2 @inventorylist_id[.@i],1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0;
		getitem @inventorylist_id[.@i],1;

bad code

actually there are some items that are drop with cards, or item options (example crimson weapons)

we either need a getitem3/delitem3 script command or identifyall script command ... we missing both of them right now


and for your answer
just add if ( agitcheck() || agitcheck2() ) ... something like that

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