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Pick item from array


-	script	test	-1,{
	setarray([email protected], <pick 10 items from [email protected][1]);
	mes("Your missions are;");
	mes("Mission 1: "[email protected][1];
	mes("Mission 2: "[email protected][2];
	mes("Mission 3: "[email protected][3];
	mes("Mission 4: "[email protected][4];
	mes("Mission 5: "[email protected][5];
	mes("Mission 6: "[email protected][6];
	mes("Mission 7: "[email protected][7];
	mes("Mission 8: "[email protected][8];
	mes("Mission 9: "[email protected][9];
	mes("Mission 10: "[email protected][10];
	setarray([email protected][1],50001,50002,50003,50004,50005,50006,50007,50008,50009,50010,50011,50012,50013,50014,50015,50016,50017);

To the script Guru out there :D

can i ask help on this to pick 10 random items from array with no duplicate and create new array on the picked items?

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https://github.com/AnnieRuru/Release/blob/master/Guides/Shuffle Algorithm.md

prontera,157,180,4	script	Option Master	4_DOG01,{
	mes "Your missions are;";
	F_ShuffleNumbers 0, .size -1, .@r, 10;
	for ( .@i = 0; .@i < 10; ++.@i )
		mesf "Mission %d: %d", .@i +1, .mission[.@r[.@i]];
	for ( .@i = 1; .@i <= 17; ++.@i )
		.mission[.@i -1] = .@i + 50000;
	.size = getarraysize(.mission);


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