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evento Tarot


uso esse :     specialeffect2 [email protected], strcharinfo(0);

erro : [Warning]: script error in file 'npc/custom/npc_eventos/npc_tarot.txt' line 157 column 6
    This command is deprecated and it will be removed in a future update. Please see the script documentation for an alternative.

   154:                         attachrid(getcharid(3,[email protected]_participantes$[[email protected]]));
   155:                                 if( strcharinfo(3) == [email protected]$[0] ){
   156:                                         set [email protected],522+rand(1,14);
*  157:                                         specialeffect2 [email protected], strcharinfo(0);
   158:                                 //specialeffect([email protected],522, strcharinfo(0));
   159:                         //              specialeffect([email protected], AREA, strcharinfo(0));
   160:                                         if( [email protected] == 531 ){

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