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hello @Dastgir does it restock item's after all item consumed?


does it restock item's which are consumed? e.g if u consumed 20 fly wing out of 50, it should restock 20 fly wing only.

that way player will not run out of pot's in PvP & WoE else every time player has to check how much pot's left. 

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does it restock item's after all item consumed?

It will check if the last of selected item was consumed and do ::OnRestock NPC Event to restock the items to the selected amount. Works very well and without any ms of lag. Thanks to @Dastgir

Fixed and corrected. Works fine on current branch.

How to enable:
Move "restock.c" to "src/plugins" and open "Makefile" with editor. add "restock" to line "MYPLUGINS = "

Move "atcommand_restock.txt" to "npc/custom" and add "npc/custom/atcommand_restock.txt" to your "scripts_custom.

conf" for autostart.Open file "conf/plugins.conf" and add "  "restock",  " to enable this plugin after you'll restart the map serve

Do "make all" on console. To enable all changes. Enjoy @restock and @restock2


If you want to disable @restock on Castles/WoE just configure your atcommand_restock.txt and do a mapcheck on "OnRestock:" like


		getmapxy([email protected]$, [email protected], [email protected], UNITTYPE_PC);

		if (getmapflag([email protected]$, "mf_gvg_castle") == 1) {
			dispbottom "Atcommand disabled on this map.";




SQL Table:


CREATE TABLE `restock` (
	`charid` INT(10) NOT NULL,
	`restockid` INT(6) NOT NULL,
	`restkq` INT(5) NOT NULL,
	`restkf` INT(10) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1'


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If you want to make Arrows and Bullets Auto-Equip after they have been restocked:


		if ([email protected]){
			[email protected] = restkid;
	++		if (getiteminfo([email protected], ITEMINFO_TYPE) == 10) autoequip([email protected], 1);
			restock_item([email protected],[email protected],[email protected]);
			if ([email protected] == 1) [email protected]$ = "Storage";
			if ([email protected] == 2) [email protected]$ = "Guild Storage";
			sleep2 500;
			if (countitem([email protected]) == 0) {
				announce "Trying to restock "[email protected]+"x "[email protected]+" from "[email protected]$+". Failed. Amount does not fit.",bc_self,0xFF8F01;
	++		if (getiteminfo([email protected], ITEMINFO_TYPE) == 10) autoequip([email protected], 0);
			restkid = 0;


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3 hours ago, Questune09 said:

@Dastgir if you dont mind can i request a restock system for rathena emulator ^_^ i like this script using herc very nice

better solution use hercules

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