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Nice to see you choose a different style philosophy. In my opinion I find the stereotypical RO design that people want integrated with FluxCP really ugly.

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After a week of having problems with the reset password function, Finally, I can review Daifuku's Service

  • Service 10/10 : I'm very pleased how fast Daifuku delivers what you asked from her service, gets the job done fast.
  • Attitude 10:10: I love how accommodating she is, she always checks on your whether everything is perfect or etc. Bonus: She listens to your rants too! :DDD
  • Design 8/10: Hmm could've been better, Not sure whether I just suck at giving her the themes I want to make for my designs.. 

Don't hesitate to get a service from her, She will make your money worth! I repeat, Don't hesitate! I will also be getting most of my gfx from her starting now. :D

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