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Paid Services: http://herc.ws/board/topic/169-judas-paid-services/#entry43499


Hercules Mod Pack -(Join the Hercules Fun!)
Includes Clientside(2012-08 Ragexe - Ready/Stable [Everything working =D]) + Mod Pack ingrated(Custom SRC Code toggled by #define) + Setup
PM me for more info + better offers
- The fee is focused about the client/diff requirements


Mystic Artes - http://tinypic.com/p...=8#.VChwJ_90w28

Old Clients working on rAthena (PM Me)



Hercules with eAMOD Battlegrounds Complete! - PM


eAMOD Battlegrounds Working =D

eAMOD Other Addons (PM)

rAMOD Working BG


Custom Aura Level seen by players for newer clients (2013 - 2014) !! (Set at any level you want)

2013-03-20 Client working fully with Login Window functional (No Crashing =D)[/size]
Return to login window without closing game client!
Enable aura above 150+ , all players can see =D
Implementing 175/60 soon :3
Renewal Atk + Post balance patches implementing
Devotion Fix Working
Increase Attack and Heal digits display!!

To follow: add in achievement system and faction system and Epoques Bonus Expansion System Custom Battlegrounds DONE!


Achievement and Faction System Hercules Compatible!

// Copyright © SupportMii Dev Team

* Project Luna configuration file (http://supportmii.com)
* Custom Modifications

// NOTE: "TODO UNSTABLE" means that don't uncomment it, as it will give you compile errors, and I'll find a way to get it working again

// 3CeAM
// Warg and Falcon Settings
// Set config in conf/battle/luna.conf
//#define WUGFALCON_M

// Zeph
// Auto Refresh
// Start a effect that perform @refresh each given seconds,
// until @autofresh off is given. Only works on BG and WoE maps.
//#define REFRESH_M

// Packet Filter
// Activates a mode to ignore some packets on WoE, comming from other users
// Triggered by @packetfilter
// This reduce the bandwith a little bit on WoE, reducing LAG.
// C = Ignore jokes and global chat messages from others.
// I = Ignores Item usage from others.
//#define PACKETF_M

// Epoque
// Bonus Expansion Pack
// Documentation in doc/mods/Epoque
//#define EXPANSION_M

// Call Cash Shop
// Clicking on the Cash Shop Icon opens an NPC Cash Shop
// No longer uses the new interface
//#define CALLCASH_M

// goddameit
// Ignore Dropped Items
// Triggered by @ignoredrop
//#define IGNOREDROP_M

// Auraset Improved
// Documentation in doc/mods/goddameit
// Cannot be used with #define AURA_M
//#define AURAP_M

// Auto Pots
// @autopots <type>(0=OFF,1=OFF) <hp_rate> <hp_item id> <sp_rate> <sp_item id>
//#define POTS_M

// Auto Buy Ammo
// NPC script located in npc/mods/goddameit
//#define AMMO_M

// Auto Attack
//#define AUTOATTACK_M

// Bot
// NPC Script located in npc/mods/goddameit
//#define BOT_M

// HiddenDragon
// Provide way to reset hatred for Star Gladiators
// Trigger by @hatereset
//#define HATERESET_M

// Judas
// Duel Modification
// Change location in mods/Judas/DuelMap Files
//#define DUELMAP_M

// Misc
// Recall all players on specific map to you
// Trigger by @recallmap <map> without the angle brackets
//#define RECALLMAP_M

// OnNplay
// Dancing!
// Trigger by @dance <number> where replace with 1-9
//#define DANCE_M

// tr0n
// Allow you to trigger npc init
// Trigger by @oninit
//#define ONINIT_M

// Vengence
// Jump to person that's selling specific item
// Triggy by @jumptowhosell
//#define JUMPSELL_M

// FatalEror
// Put server in maintenance mode
// Triggered by @maintenance <on|off>

// Show details of monsters on map
// Triggered by @mapmoblist
//#define MOBLIST_M

// Cydh
// Warp On Battle
// Config luna.conf
//#define WARPBAT_M

// Refine Bonus
// Read from db/refine_bonus

// Put all equipped equipments off
// Triggered by @unequipall
//#define UNEQUIP_M

// On-PutOn-OffEquip
// Samples and Documentation in doc/mods/Cydh/OnPutOn-OffEquip
//#define ONOFFEQUIP_M

// Destroy Item
// Triggered by @destroyitem|cartitem|storageitem

// Flooritem
// Triggered by @flooritem|cleanflooritem
// Cannot be used with Battleground System (Zeph)
//#define FLOORITEM_M

// Malufett
// Player's Level next to username
// Try not to use if username is > 15char
// i.e: [Lv:99]Username
//#define LEVELUSER_M    <--------------------------------------------------------------------TODO UNSTABLE

// Clydelion
// Bypass Trade Restriction via Trade Ticket
// Defined in mods/Clydelion/BypassTicket/tradeh File

// Prevent Idle Leveling
// Configured in conf/battle/luna.conf
//#define IDLELEVEL_M

// Sendmail Script command
// Can be used for achievements
// Example in doc/mods/Cyldelion/sendmail_example
//#define SENDMAIL_M

// Xantara
// Able to use getitem_map script and command
// Triggered by @itemmap
// Example in doc/mods/Xantara/getitem_map
//#define ITEMMAP_M

// Mapflag Droprate
// Example in doc/mods/Xantara/mapflag_droprate
//#define DROPRATE_M

// Lilith
// Faction System
// clif_17.txt problems (// out crashing line) || npc/scripts_mapflags (//npc: npc/mapflag/nofvf.txt) || conf/battle/luna.conf (//import: conf/battle/faction.conf)
//#define FACTION_M
#define DISABLE_FACTION //Leave this if you wish to disable this, and // define FACTION_M

// Extra Bonuses
// Configurations done in db/(pre-re | re)/extra_bonuses.txt
// Also look in: luna.conf
//#define EXTRABONUS_M

// Extended Vending System
// Configurations done in db/item_vending.txt
// Also look in: luna.conf
// NOTE: Will not work correctly when Auto Trade Persistence is enabled
//#define VENDSYS_M

// Party Buff
// Shows Buff Status in Party Window
// Triggered by @partybuff
//#define PARTYBUFF_M

// Ivion
// Ranking System SQL
//#define RANKING_M

// Zeph
// Aura
// Triggered by @aura
// Documentation in doc/mods/Zeph/Aura
// Cannot be used with #define AURAP_M
//#define AURA_M

// Other
// Zone PVP
// PVP Settings and Conditions
//#define ZONEPVP_M

// Charms
// More info in docs/mods/Other/Charms
//#define CHARMS_M

// Soul Link Modification
// More info in doc/mods/Other/SoulLink
//#define SOULLINK_M

// Pk-mode
// Triggered by @pk
//#define PKMODE_M

// AFK with Hat
// Set timeout in conf/battle/luna.conf
// Triggered by @afk
//#define AFKT_M

// Garbage Command
// Triggered by @garbage
//#define GARBAGE_M

// Mobstat Adjust Global
// Configurations done in battle/luna.conf
//#define MOBSTAT_M

// Jonne
// Achievement System
// Configurations done in battle/luna.conf
// Don't forget to execute the SQL entry in sql-files/mods
#define DISABLE_ACHIEVEMENT //Leave this if you wish to disable this, and // define ACHIEVEMENT_M

// Sirius White
// Harmony
// More Info - https://harmonize.it
#define DISABLE_HARMONY //Leave this if you wish to disable this, and // define HARMONY_M
//#define HARMONY_M

// eamod
// PVP Mode
//#define PVPMODE_M

// Brenth
// BG Related Content *Private*
//#define BGLUNA_M



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