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"New Reborn" integrated job master

Today, 04:01 PM

File Name: "New Reborn" integrated job master
File Submitter: Ridley
File Submitted: 22 Feb 2017
File Category: Utility

I did this a while ago. In order to use this script you need Olrox new_reborn map

This script is no physical job changer. instead each spike of the star shaped map represents a path of the classes. You walk up there to change your job. Extended Job's are available from a normal npc in the middle.

Important: This script uses Euphys default herc job changer as a base.

- the script gives out a +7 novi weapon for each of the base classes (check line 355 to 392)
- it has some fancy warp portals, feel free to edit it to default
- even more fancy, ressource eating rotating waiting rooms for exit and entrance (default prontera) which can be disabled as well (line 502 and 530)
- autobuff inc agi +10 for 1 minute each time you walk directly through the middle (or spawn)
- you can NOT skip rebirth. 1st job -> 2nd -> rebirth -> trans ->3rd
- it also has support for rebellion, but rebellion is not yet added on herc so you might want to disable it

This script was already tested live and worked fine. I did some edits tho but never optimized it since I lost interest in it. However, I think its something different from default Job Masters

Note: I really recommend to read through it and check for all options.

Some Screenshots

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@itemall and @itemmap

11 February 2017 - 11:40 PM

File Name: @itemall and @itemmap
File Submitter: Ridley
File Submitted: 12 Feb 2017
File Category: Utility

Give an item to all players online
@itemall <Item ID> <Item Amount>

Give an item to all players on the same map as you
@itemmap <Item ID> <Item Amount>

Using some old code from Emistry for this, thank you for your permission to use it.

Click here to download this file


04 February 2017 - 10:37 AM

File Name: @ip
File Submitter: Ridley
File Submitted: 04 Feb 2017
File Category: Utility

usage: @ip <Player Name>
Unlike @sameip, this is meant to check a single player

config: use on players (gms) with same User Group as yourself yes/no

Do not redistribute or sell this file.

Posted Image
Posted Image

Failed attempt
Posted Image

Player not found/online
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[WIP] Hercules Offline - A Ragnarok Online Story

25 October 2016 - 08:23 PM

Well, not much done yet but I thought I can already show some progess :x

Goal is a Ragnarok Online RPG, for this I started with the maps. (Nothing else done yet). 

For the initial step I want to do Prontera and Prontera Inn. Maybe followed by the field around it. In case I (hopefully) ever finish this, I don't want to talk about the story yet :)

As the Title screen I used kRO's login screen, ingame the related BGM's are played. I use a custom code for the lights, but I think it's becoming quite good already (even if there is still room for improvement). Once the maps are done I want to work on a fighting/battle system which comes closer to the Ragnarok Online one. Long talking, I show you what is ready right now.







2016-10-02 : Update to the Intro

02 October 2016 - 07:45 AM

This is an update to the intro, to be more specific, to the spawning location and everything happening before the Crituria Academy

  • New spawning location for RENEWAL is iz_int 18 27
    • New outerior is int_land. You have to do a small quest here. This is optional, you can also go directly to Izlude.
  • The additinal poring drop is fully handled by our quest_db.conf and you do not need to edit anything. 
  • In order to fully support this change, you need the latest translation files for navigation and iteminfo. You can find them here:


The confusion about iz_int


We saw question about a black iz_int quite often. Is is also simply why this happens. The map was changed on official, and the small ship was turned into a ship interior. The old coordinates were a black spot on this "new" map, and to fix it, you simply had to put in the "old" iz_int map files.

For this change, you now need the new map, the one. 

I once uploaded both to hercules. In case you need it, you can download it here.


The new iz_int is included in any recent kro from the back to december 2015. If you used the old iz_int, you just have to replace it.