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Tagging your Topics


When creating your topics in this sub-forum, please select a defined topic <prefix> to your topic from the drop-down menu from the sub-heading titled "Topic Tags". These topic prefixes will be seen as: Utility, PvP, GvG (also will be used for WoE based topics), Battleground, Events, Games, and Functions (will be for Function & Algorithm based topics).


With the topic prefixes, moderators and members will be able to easily search all topics with the set prefix (i.e. clicking on a prefix titled "PvP" will bring up all topics with the prefix "PvP"). Having these prefixes not only make searching more easier, but also helps keep our releases a bit more organized.


Listed below are the sub-forums with their descriptions and examples of what should be placed in the said sub-forums.




Scripts that are setup to help server players and staff do tasks.

Example: 1-click refiner, Job changer, Hourly announcer, Healer



Scripts that are Player vs Player or Party vs Party based use this prefix tag.

Example : PvP ladder, PvP room, Party vs Party script



Scripts that are Guild vs Guild and WoE based use this prefix tag.

Example : WoE controller, Castle Script Modification


Scripts that deal with the Battlegrounds use this prefix tag.

Example : Capture the flag


Scripts that signal players to join an event at a specific time.

Example : Clucker event, Disguise event


Scripts that often use a map, or an instance map to help players farm items.

Example : Gold room, Mvp room, Chess script


Scripts that rewards players for hunting monsters and/or gathering items belong here with the exception of item exchangers.

Example : Headgear exchanger, Zeny to Points converter, Quest scripts


Scripts that are shop based use this prefix tag.

Example : Mall npc, Weapon dealer, Card seller


Have algorithm or function scripts? Share them with this prefix tag!

Example : Decimal Point System, Sorting Algorithm



Updated: Tuesday, May 5th 2015

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