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  3. First to thank you with this sir dast. This is what I've been looking for months. Great work!
  4. Hello, I have today released new plugin, namely NoView. It adds command @noview to disable the headgear views for users (Upper/Mid/Lower headgear views) Link: https://github.com/dastgirp/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/src/plugins/noview.c
  5. All the magic AoE Skill become STR Base.. anyone can help? thank you..
  6. As the topic title says, @day/@night mode not showing at all. I did everything like configuring misc.conf and mapflag thing but the same thing happens. It doesn't go on nightmode. PS: Trying to attach screenshot but the forum won't let me. So here's the images link Night Mode Day Mode
  7. @Zero Human this 3 lines from client. server may send rates for 3 different types, but hercules using only one line of them. In default scripts look like ModExp´╗┐ and ModDrop not used.
  8. sadly look like no. new zero clients cant be used anymore, atleast not for now. Usable future clients for now only RagexeRE aka sakray. Rathena follow different ro official and private servers, but hercules follow only kro. I mean clients with version after 2020-07-15 ragexe from kro main and from zero cant be used by private servers anymore. Left only ragexeRE
  9. Yesterday
  10. Yes, mine is slightly bigger than yours. xD Where are scripts in hercules that contain "ModExp or ModDrop"? Didn't know hercules had a thing for vip.
  11. Yes sir @4144 im using 2018 hercules with some modifications... but my client are 2015...i still have this problem... You also have this problem sir?
  12. Is there any chance that Hercules will focus only on RO: Zero and leave the renewal to rAthena?
  13. Yes, that's why i made a plugin so that it would depend on the options an item has. But i think KRO uses the option as well combined with the drop effect except for the orange one which they used for card items
  14. drop effects controlled in item_db.conf but effect not depend on random options
  15. Last week
  16. Samuel


    Use @whodrops for item Use @whereis for monster
  17. That's not possible without modifying the client. @Functor have a service for this, try to ask him.
  18. They are not sprites but palettes, so in your data/grf you need to have palettes for both (brown and white), you can manage it by ranges. (1-100 white 100-200 brown). And then modify your stylist npc to let the players choose if they want the brown skin or the white. Sadly the cloth colors and the skin are not separated because they are an unique palette (as you see in the image below) and this is hardcoded in client. (old image from the hercules wiki)
  19. I have all chars with brown skin colour, but I don't want to replace all chars with brown skin colour, but let the player choose if he wants to have white or brown skin colour. Is there a possibility to call both sprites separately?
  20. Inukaze


    Hi there, someone know if exist something similar but for item drop of monster maybe a plugin for a command like " @whichdrop <item name> or <item id>" for example : @whichdrop "Blue Herb" and return a list of enemy names & the area, and if possible the probability of drop 55% Shining Plant on Rachel 0.5% Black Mushroom on Payon Cave, Geffen Field, etc . . . Well thank you for the any help you can gave me. i ask by this becuase i am using on a friend house without internet, the Hercules Server Renewal, and well yesterday we need to find some items and we have idea which monster drop that specify item, and well in his house not have internet for search that.
  21. where can i possible change the color of bound items?
  22. Hi there, where i can found a Skill Reset NPC or how i can modify the Valkyrie menu options of the Offline Newbie Pack 2020 ?
  23. Update with this. Didn't know that kRO might have changed the drop effect until someone asked me to create a plugin. 20200401 Ragexe shows a different drop effect + (do-re-mi?) sound Drop Effect as of 20200401 1 = Blue 2 = Yellow 3 = Purple 4 = Green 5 = Red White is missing? Orange was turned into red? Added sound effect for the pillar effect. I attached my latest video for this.
  24. As i told you at the Discord Channel, you need to declare it first, the compiler is saying there that "tstatus is unknown for him" that's probably because the before declaration of status are out of the scope (because they are inside conditionals) I didn't tested it but try to declare it like this before your conditional : struct status_data *tstatus = status->get_status_data(bl);
  25. I'm trying to take over the skill changes from kRO right now. This was changed to Sonic Blow: Improves damage formula, the skill will deal more damage against target who has HP lower than 50% by 50%. How do I declare tstatus-hp now? I get this error message: In battle.c:
  26. Hi there, thank you very much for this package i love it speciall here on venezuela i use for LAN Party with a friends, they no have internet connection and this package let us play Ragnarok Online, offline Well 12 hours ago, we started to play on LAN Server, without internet, just Ad Hoc Wifi Intranet. We notice the follow things : 1 - In Criatura Academia happends various bugs, when you go to the superior floors, characters freeze, but if you exit to login screen and log in again, the character appears in a random room, and its not possible exit from there walking, becuase the portal to exit does not exist 2 - When you reach level 12, and join to Eden Group, after make "Secure Desert" or something like that for get new equipment, Boya tells you, go to the blue door and go to the storage and get new equipment talking to another npc. But the portal in the blue door does exist. 3 - In the Gunslinger quest, the text are cut, and now appears the full list of item you should search to complete the change job quest. Dunnos : A) How i can fix the before three points ? B) How i can modify the Valkyrie NPC for have menu options : Reset Skills Reset Stats Change Job Get Platinium Skills Free Teleport to any area of world map C) Which files i must edit to make a full translation from english to spanish. i really want to translate. D) Where i can fix the name "morocc" for "morroc" for navigation system, and name map ? F) Someone had a Tutorial divided by documents / videos how modify some things of server, becuase i try to use "Server Database Editor" and well i not had idea which paths i must set to make ease edit things of server E) Which i must edit for set for example player money ? Thank you very much for any useful answer and/or clear answer you can gave me
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