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  2. Well, your only option is compiling on a more powerful computer (either on a VM or natively). And by the way, compiling on your VPS probably wasn't going to cut it anyway, unless you're running the same Linux distribution you plan running RPatchur on. If you want to compile a Windows executable you'd have to cross-compile or compile directly on a Windows machine.
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  4. Trader are different from normal shop, and will not work with trader
  5. just add .bg_change with 1, till it has reached .bg_common[0], then revert it back to BGT_CTF. its simple
  6. You cannot patch an executable that is already patched. You must then make your own executable. I don't believe there is any info whatsoever on the patch list used for this client. The best for you is to test for yourself and apply your patches on an unpatched executable.
  7. Trying to add more patches to the client used for this repack in particular, I searched but couldnt find an answer anywhere. Im using Pre-Renewal from this and just trying to add some more patches but theres no list of what was used originally and whenever I try to apply a bunch of patches I want now, I get several errors from either launching, getting in game, etc. If anyone knows which patches were used for this, id appreciate it. Original Post.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Looking for a Leveling instance, that you can enter different floors through the NPC and like 1-10 levelling, if you choose the next floor is 10-20, 30-40, etc. If possible
  10. Honestly, couldn't we have some more useful things than a "wear costume" button? Like for example a context menu that appears like when you right click on a player? I know that to change the name of this button you have to go to msgstringtable.txt But at the level of the sources where it is? I couldn't find any information about this. It will surely be difficult to change that. But failing to have packets sent unnecessarily to the server for a function which is of very little use, you might as well send packets for a few more interesting things.
  11. Guess I should have posted it here before. Better late than never. I have already released the patcher.
  12. Try using the patch "Restore Inbuilt Icon". I have fixed the issue with the title bar icon. In case you want to use your own icon then the "Use Custom Icon" patch should be selected instead.
  13. For the icon on the taskbar, you need to use either "Restore Inbuilt Icon" or "Use Custom Icon" (if you want to use your own icon). For the title icon, I was expecting that to be included in these patches, let me have a look.
  14. Só pegar as versões mais antigas, o pessoal já se deu ao trabalho de traduzir naquela época. É claro que tem que fazer as alterações pro emulador, só ir olhando com calma e alterando minusiosamente. Eu já traduzi vários NPCs sozinhos também, mas é muita coisa pra traduzir, e sozinho é desgastante.
  15. Tranquilo. Estou fazendo meu trabalho. Mas no github do brathena e cronus não têm tudo traduzido. Há alguns NPCs. Por exemplo, os npcs das cidades estão, mas outros como quests não estão e a maioria não está. No mais, ao colocar o um NPC do github do brathena ou cronus no emulador vai gerar um série de erros que precisa ser corrigido, é fácil, eu já fiz. Porém, cada emulador tem um diferença seja mínima. Valeu.
  16. Acho dificil alguém pagar por isso, já que é possível pegar tudo traduzido no github do brathena ou cronus.
  17. Is it possible to give specific stats points instead of random?
  18. @Kuroyama @Dduwsmitt https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/issues/2922 https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/issues/2922 Thank's to @Samuel !
  19. Try This ! @hadiesyafiq https://mega.nz/file/LqgSVLIK#FNYrIBDrf69wpx2WD6oUqUUDjunlwlkly-SSGXFVERU This should be good. I don't have enough because I'm tired of having to change my packetver hahaha, but the icon has changed in my folder, so I think the icon will also be changed when you launch the exe.
  20. @hadiesyafiq Thanks, I'm trying this, I'm not using the same exe version as you but it should normally be good! I keep you posted
  21. Hi @Daraen here mine https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Cxf9CsrLTvByAFiVd3zc52EzdKGn8klZ/view?usp=sharing
  22. I finally found it. You will need to modify the colorchip.bmp file located in data / texture / À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º / colorchip.bmp I upload the correction for those who want it. if you want to modify by another color than the one I show you, open colorchip.bmp with Paint and only Paint and modify the last box to the far right of the second line which is blue colorchip.bmp
  23. Last week
  24. I use langtype 18 and it work. Can you give me your exe, i can try for you if you want
  25. I already try use reshack but that one only change the exe icon not the title window icon... and for warning window is license.txt...just diff always show license...and need to use langtype 7/8
  26. Bump Nobody has an idea, if not it does not matter I close the subject.
  27. Have you tried the RessourceHacker software? I know that you can modify the executable icon on it. I personally use it to configure a personal launcher for my game server. Try to open an executable where the Ragnarok online icon is present in order to extract the icons to add them to your executable. By the way, my question is irrelevant, but how did you display a warning window like the one you see on your screen shoot, that interests me. EDIT: Found it. sorry for inconvenience!
  28. hi @Neo-Mind when i use WARP the title icon is not show..how to show the icon? here some picture to refer...on the red mark
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