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  2. Hey guys, I'm wanna create a new programm for the community but I don't know what. Its can be an old programm which needs remaked or a new programm which isn't exists yet. Please leave an idea and if u mean a programm should remaked. Please make a list of all features the programm has, which things a good or bad and which things whould nice to have Of course its can be a web application too. Ps: I don't create a Str editor. Best regards, Rynbef~
  3. Today
  4. Hi all people! About the Adrenaline Rush skill. Can I make it immune to Dispel and Quagmire? If so, how?
  5. what do i mean how to add the custom item since i already follow the instruction on how to add but it seems nothing happen. does anyone already here added the custom just by converting it to DB item ?
  6. Azhura

    Skill Nerf

    Nerf the hp increase of that skill. For the skill max level modification is it on skill_db?
  7. AnnieRuru

    Skill Nerf

    be more specific nerf the healing rate ? nerf the timer in between heal ? or just nerf the bard skill level to 3 max ...
  8. check how vykimo.com develop xpro it is same with robrowser.
  9. Azhura

    Skill Nerf

    I would like to nerf the skill effect of some job specifically for Bard and Dancer. Where should I modify if I would like to nerf for example the skill effect of Idun's Apple? Thank you in advance.
  10. Yesterday
  11. Thank you @AnnieRuru for your answer. Indeed, I did not look for this side by changing the hex value of the exe. I especially thought it was on the iteminfo side ... I've been looking for quite a while and now working with the Hercules emulator so that's why I mentioned "Hercules" hahaha. If someone else has a clue to give me, I'm a taker! Sorry for my bad English I use the translator for easier communication.
  12. this has nothing to do with hercules =/ in fact you post in correct location ... client support indeed, what you are asking for is client hexing there are only very small amount of people understand the code behind hex editor ... unfortunately, I'm not one of them have you tried download a hex editor and change the hex value yourself ? I don't even know where to start either
  13. Nobody takes care of the Hercules emulator anymore? I would really like to know if this is still possible with current client? I am using exe 2018-04-8b. Thank you for your answer, even negative.
  14. Dear inhabitants of the wonderful herc.ws forum, a huge request !!! I'm desperate ... I really need a full client iRO 2012-2013-2014 (but better 13-14), I can't find it for 2 weeks ... All links to such clients do not work ... that is, please give me a link !!! Thanks in advance!
  15. try change charset in database property, in table propery and each columns also probably better set some good charset in mysql.conf or mariadb.conf (depend what sql software you using) If you not sure what charset to set, try utf8mb4 or utf8mb4_general_ci. it should support any languages
  16. Hi, help, how did you fix the script?
  17. hercules script not set locale for db, and hercules code not set it. this mean locale/codepage used default from your mysql server. and probably default is not what you want because this need or change mysql config or/and change locale/codepage in db, tables etc
  18. I did not perform any editing in the database. the tables are also those of Hercules himself. these characters are from the portuguese language (Brazil) in this case are accents (é, ão, você)
  19. i tried everything convert my ItemInfo.lua to HatTable.js and i add them to RObrowser\src\DB\Items and also with the accessoryid.lub and accname.lub convert it to ItemTable. still no luck. but if i using my client. i can saw them. i dont know how to fix it. i just check the DBManager.js and i think this line causes. it automatic to unknown item.. can anyone help me ? i hope @KeyWorld still there. i know robrowser already closed project.
  20. - script kjhfkshdf FAKE_NPC,{ OnNPCKillEvent: if (killedrid == PORING && strcharinfo(PC_MAP) == "prt_fild08") { if (++.poringkill == 100) { monster "prt_fild08", 0,0, "--ja--", MASTERING, 1, strnpcinfo(NPC_NAME_UNIQUE)+"::OnMobKill"; // mapannounce "prt_fild08", "Mastering has been spawn", bc_map; } } end; OnMobKill: // mapannounce "prt_fild08", "Mastering has been killed", bc_map; initnpctimer; end; //OnTimer5000: OnTimer86400000: .poringkill = 0; end; } prt_fild08,0,0,0,0 monster Poring 1002,1000,0,0 tested with https://annieruru.blogspot.com/2019/01/mapmoblist-script-version.html
  21. heres my confifuration of data.ini i only have 5 grf included the data and rdata. i also seperate the resources still no luck the i cant still resize unlike if i use 2018 exe its work perfectly. HERES the 2018 exe i can perfectly resize and working.
  22. at first try use minimal number of patches
  23. yes i already tried opensetup. still the same. but when i use 2018 exe its perfectly working.
  24. have you tried using open setup? have you tried installing RO in another folder? have you checked if other settings are saving or just resolution isn't? have you tried running setup as admin?
  25. anyone can help me regarding my exe i cant resize when i open it it force to popup on up left side of my screen. im using 2014-04-16aRagexe i downloaded it from nemo repository. i was able to login, as you can see it direct to upper left with the lowest resolution. why i didnt use newly exe. like 2018 etc. is because i already setup the robrowser which is 2014-04-16a are the most compatible. so if i use it the latest. i have to compile it, which is the robrowser is only using 2014. or does anyone can teach me how to add the newly packet in robrowser.? BTW heres my setup.exe
  26. https://github.com/AnnieRuru/Release/blob/master/scripts/Utility/vip_system/vip_system_sql.txt
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