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  3. hi, you probably missed step 2d and 2e, you have to compile double click on hercules-16.sln if you are using visual studio 2019 then click build solution
  4. Reick

    Updating item_db

    got it here im using haru converter to add them into item_db.conf getting some erros but its ok, im learning how to solve them. Thank you.
  5. So I am currently following AnnieRuru's guide on how to set up an offline server, I followed all the steps up to a point where the guide tells me to open run-server.bat the issue was that when it tried to run the servers, it says "login-server.exe was not found. make sure, that you have compiled the login-server." and it repeats this for map-server.exe and char-server.exe in separate windows. the guide says to make a post if I failed to make it run properly at this point so here I am. any tips on what I can do to fix things or where i might have gone wrong? CONTEXT: first time doing anything like this and have no background in any of this server stuff, scripting, or any of that. the most background I have is a bit of web design years ago. so I'm sure I messed up somewhere along the line.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm new to this whole server stuff, and this is going to be a hobby of mine I've decided. I came here because I honestly am completely lost and don't know where to begin. I've looked at the wiki and searched the forums, but ultimately I'm always stuck on what to do. I hope being here I can learn how to eventually make my own Ragnarok server someday ^.^
  7. Copy and paste will work... You might blow up your error log and have things to fix though, better you just grab the ones you want
  8. Where r u matiaaasss?????

  9. Last week
  10. custom skill of VanRO just copy src skills of Bio Cannibalize
  11. Reick

    Updating item_db

    And how do i add them in item_db.conf? Just edit with notepad++? Ill try it when i get home.
  12. if it fails in game that means you dont have it in the associated id in your item_db.conf, re or pre re ... for most of them you can just copy and paste
  13. Reick

    Updating item_db

    i checked the iteminfo.lua and all those items are there, so i diffed and changed to iteminfo.lua on the pop up but still fail when i use @item. those ids doesnt exist on item_db.conf, i think the iteminfo isnt the only problem
  14. renewal database actually has more then the pre renewal might have to re dif your item info, if you selected recommended its the first thing that pops up, asking you to rename your iteminfo file in your system folder with your client
  15. Hi guys, trying to configure my first server its a test server just for me to test some builds and stuffs im not used with emulator, so im getting stucked often i got the server working but im having some problems i followed a guide here from the forum but there is a lot of items missing id 19156, 28502, 28513, 2980 this is just some of them there is a lot more and all of them exist on kRO, iRO, jRO Well, i dont want anybody give me all the things done, im just asking for some guidance or tips or anything to help me to solve this. I dont mide if the item description isnt in english just need them on serve to test some builds. Really appreciate some help, thank you.
  16. Same thing here, im starting to config my first server and item_db isnt up to date with kRO.
  17. try this one if problem persists, please try checking the map server is there are any errors and post it here.
  18. Good day everyone! newbie here! Does anyone remember or know the Auto Attack System skill of the High Priest job? Where he summons 3 Lord Knight Seyrens if so, do you have any links for this? Thank you!
  19. we don't have skill_db.txt on Hercules. Must be something confused?
  20. You can use either, Hercules has both. I prefer Pre-Renewal due to the mechanics. And then you can add any Renewal content on top of that.
  21. I think you can use any client. However, some newer clients don't have fully coded features. I'm pretty sure Hercules is up to date with all the 2017 features though.
  22. Hey guys, what are the most latest stable client? Are there any 2019 stable clients? Also, I tried looking for an updated guide on setting up client side do you guys have one? Thanks
  23. Good day! I just need your feed backs on what type of server do you prefer to use or rather to play, is it Renewal or Pre-Renewal? And where can I get both of those, thanks in advance.
  24. Hi, im having some problem to use @item. There is some items that already exist in kro that i cant create on my server, ill put here the ids. 19156 / 28502 / 15254 / 28744 someone could help me on what i have to do? how can i update the item_db or something like that? Thank you @edit: sorry for double post, i thought my previous post was deleted cause i wasnt seen it, think it was a bug.
  25. Hello good day! I've been having troubles correcting the issue but it seems I've reached an impasse. It seems like i'm missing a setting which i'm not familiar with, anyone care to share why i'm having this error? is there any tick settings to enable it for Hercs Compatibility? Thank you!
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