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  2. Updated to 4.0.1, this release fixes, among others, an issue that prevented updating jRO RAG, when there are more than one year worth of patches to apply.
  3. how did you manage to change the ITEMID into ITEMNAME?.. and also i'd like to change the cardslot showing CardPrefix instead of ITEMID..
  4. Using the newest version of hercules, the Ankle Snare skill does not affect monsters! I would like to change that, thank you.
  5. Does using Screen when monitoring crash eats up resources? Currently I can't extract crash dump for some reason so I am stuck in running my map server on GDB then monitor it using SCREEN.
  6. The issue of not being able to open the skill window literally locked the game to me. I'm bound to be a novice forever this way lol. Also, Pre-Renewal Izlude still has pathing problems.
  7. de nada. precisar e só mandar mensagem para min no meu e-mail [email protected] ou no meu site www.ragnashowrobr.com.br
  8. Yesterday
  9. brigado mano eu estou recebendo essa ajuda aqui de um cara do discord brigado mano
  10. I am currently using older version of our emulator, how can I exceed the maximum connection of 1024 manually? I am aware that latest versions are able to accommodate 3,000 but I am into older version. TIA
  11. I'm a pretty big noob when it comes to hosting my own server so this might be dumb... The good news is that I got my server up and running and can log in if I use a client I diff'ed using 2018-06-20eRagexe.exe. I was able log in using my LAN IP address in clientinfo.xml (the sever is on my homelab in a virtual machine running Debian 10), I was also able to log in when using my Public IP address and Dynamic DNS address from DuckDNS.org. The problem starts when I try to log in using a more recent Diff'ed client 2020-04-01bRagexe.exe I can log in using my LAN IP address I can log in using my Public IP address I can't log in using my DynamicDNS address Obviously I'm selecting the Enable DNS support patch in NEMO, but is there another patch or something that I need to configure to get newer clients to work... am I missing something here? Conversely is there any benefit to using a newer client?
  12. Thank you so much, I appreciate your suggestion Found the answer, It should be accountID and not character ID
  13. olá, fabioleda, poderia tirar um print e mandar aqui, para eu ver o erro?
  14. Been playing around with the party match script created by @AnnieRuru and it has been helpful when hosting a rpc like matches with the server. Currently players can abuse it by performing outside buffs before the recall. I am trying to add a debuff before the recall but it seems like SC_END needs GID for it to be executed can anyone help me correct the callsub below? TIA My callsub Party match of AnnieRuru
  15. Last week
  16. boa noite estou com um problema eu nao consigo visualizar a asa e capacete visual eu clico nele para visualizar ele fica no personagem mais nao amostra como ficou alguem poderia me dizer onde esta o problema ou se o problema esta na parte de difar e como eu conseto esse problema fico muito agradecido pela atençao de vcs sou novo e estou começando a mexer na area de ragnarok
  17. This npc goes through all arrow types and converts them to quivers for a configurable cost. It has the expected checks along the way such as ensuring you have enough arrows to turn into quivers, enough zeny etc. It does require one modification to npc/other/Global_Functions.txt, specifically this function needs to be added display-zeny.txt here's the npc "Quiver Queen" quiver.txt This was tested against hercules v2021.03.08 Hope it helps someone. ---- You are free to do whatever you want with the code - even repost it and take credit if you want.
  18. NJ_ISSEN FORMULA 2tg+2hydra = no miss damage 500vit when i use thanatos+phreeoni+tg = miss damage 500vit have damage 999k then miss miss 999k miss mis again then 6567 no equipment = 1 damage give the formula im using 3ceam r900 thank you !
  19. 999lvl 500stats 2hydra2tg = no miss damage 1thanatos1phreeoni2tg = 999k damage then miss skill miss damage what is the formula ?
  20. good afternoon i already watched several videos of how to add wing or petal syrup plus nobody teaches frost for example the sample adding helmo among other nonsense more there are a lot of people like me in the learning phase wanting to put a wing on the back or putting a syrup on persoagem only that does not have a video explaining someone could post here step by step how to do please
  21. Hey guys. So, for some time I was creating an instance with interactive npcs, that walk around the map to give more immersion in the story. I was using a client 2018, so I tried it on a newer client in 2020 and it didn't work, so I went looking for where it was working to try to resolve it. maximum client that is working: 2019-05-08cRagexe (any client after that does not work.) I did the test on both rA and Hercules, i got the same result as shown in the video below. (Left does not work & Right work!) I am a few days trying to see if I can solve it but I have not succeeded so far. code used for testing: prontera,155,178,3 script testeeee 1039,{ sleep 1500; setarray [email protected][0],151,155,158,155; setarray [email protected][0],175,173,175,178; freeloop(1); while(true) { npcwalkto [email protected][[email protected]],[email protected][[email protected]]; set [email protected],([email protected] >= getarraysize([email protected]) ? 0:[email protected]+1); sleep 2500; } freeloop(0); end; }
  22. Hi Everyone, Good day. It has been a long vacation for me since I played RO and even setup my server using eathena, then 3CEAM (rytech's), then rathena and then herc. At some point I was using Judas' services also. Main point, after my 2011 server (tinyro.com) I went into work frenzy until I no longer have time for RO due to work and family. And now after a decade of inactivity, I am posting this particular share that may help other players or maybe only those people who experienced and maybe a lover of jikari patcher like me. jikari-cube_guide.pdf Jikari-Cube.zip if ever this is on the wrong section, will it be possible to transfer this and keep the files for knowledge sake and possible future use thanks
  23. Yes, it lags the server when multiple mushrooms are stacked on the same cell. In my server, I made an instance where players can plant mushrooms with a limited number of spawns.
  24. Hey Dastgir! Thanks for the guidance. I re-arranged the position of my plugins and it works perfectly now. Thank you! @4144 thank you as well.
  25. i was hoping for a monster arena that looks like an instance of Endless tower once you enter there's a 3hours time limit to it and a cooldown of 1hour before you can be able to go inside the dungeon again TIA
  26. Plugin adds it, your plugin is not enabled as well. (Check HPMHooking as well) Also, the stacktrace shows pc_bonus instead of pc_bonus2, make sure the item doesn't have any other bonus to test this properly.
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