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  3. Hi, How to change Lotti point to coin and buy item using coin.
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  5. okay... i'll read the NPC script once again, thanks for you all
  6. Where can I download the new mobs and cards from the 17.1? The kRO I just downloaded does not contain the cards and mobs but it has maps and the weapons, would you mind sharing some links on it please?
  7. also herc and rathena are different scripts in using npc scripts, just follow other scripts in npc folder to make an example, actually herc scripts are easy to read than rathena (for me)
  8. It happens when my computer power was plug out once and then after I turn it on again, my GM account cant use any @commands anymore. like after I type some commands, I cant move a cell anymore. how does it goes? and how do i backup my accounts too if something like this happens again?
  9. oh, i get it... okay, back to topic... that's hercules emulator, but i change the server name to make my private server... btw, about the stat point, it have been fixed, what about the NPC?
  10. I am honestly not sure if you're trolling or not. Both are emulators, yes, but it is like you're comparing apples and oranges. Both are fruits but entirely different. Herc's code isn't compatible with rA and vice versa. Starting from the npc files over the configuration and specially the source.
  11. i think they are share the same mechanism... that's why i talked to hercules forum... i try hercules a while ago, that's almost the same....
  12. First of all, I want to thank you anacondaq soo much for this, its an imense job you have done to the comunity. edit. solved my skill window problem reading older posts
  13. you should said before what you using rathena, because here hercules forum, and by default mean server is hercules.
  14. John quero participar, tem algum discord pra gente se falar?
  15. hi, i am new here.... i hope someone doesn't mind to help me fix this error.... first, i set my server to level 300, but when i start the server, this error occured statspoint.yml is ready, idk what's the problem... if you think that's all my problem, you are wrong 😀 this is happening the server is ok, i can still logged in and make character, but everything is normal... hope someone give me a hand to fix this, thank you
  16. Good Day everyone, I dont know if this is the right place for this question, sorry if Im on the wrong section. While playing with the bodystyle on my pre-re server and adding sprites with the proper names on costume_1 the job sprites are working correctly with and without boarding halter but with the dragon mount it breaks the costume garment placement. With a dragon mount it breaks the placement of the costume garment. with or without halter it does work fine This is not changebase its just bodystyle. can someone enlighten me about this issue. Thank you.
  17. Hello, everything worked fine since i decided to change my character model with @model. I got disconnected with a gravity error and now everytime i connect with this account, i get disconnected with a gravity error at the character select screen. How can i change my model in files ? I heard it was in MySQL but i don't know how to go there...
  18. Well yah, And I'm using rathena_re. Downloaded from https://herc.ws/board/topic/16607-ragnarok-offline-newbie-pack-2021-make-your-ro-server-in-less-then-5-minutes/
  19. I think your emulator is set to 'Renewal' settings.
  20. Hello. I'm new here. As you can see both Hitrate and Flee aren't normal. They just numbers, not actual stats. How to fix this? Thanks.
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  22. Hello, I've set up a Hercules up-to-date server on my homeserver, and I see both in other guides and in this thread mentions of editing sclientinfo.xml (or clientinfo.xml) in the data folder. Using the clean client and post-renewal for_client packages, there IS NO data folder or sclient.xml to edit. How would I go about changing the target server with the current packages available from OP?
  23. Does anyone know how to fix this? Every time I equipped pet accessories on any pet the client crashes. I'm using 2018-06-21aRagexeRE.exe. No Map error/warning. I think the datainfo/petinfo.lub is correct. I have updated data.grf as well. If you think you can help and want it a paid service, please DM me. Thank you!
  24. sorry how to solve this? i'm use any translate and not solved
  25. hello you need to disable your Fail To Ban IP on your conf
  26. Solved it. if (sd->npc_id > 0) return false;
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