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Please do not send me private message as my response would be in lowest priority. UPDATE IMPORTANT NOTICE: Not only this release is beta, there are few important changes need to note of: You now may modify the icon, code sign after pack configuration data. Some configuration entries are deprecated. Additionally, as you can tell, script support is coming...


System Requirement: Windows 2000 or higher.



  • Pack into single/multi grf file(s) [0x200]
  • Automatically generates GRF if not exist
  • RGZ support
  • Customizable skin & language entries
  • Background music
  • No extra dll, not even config file is needed when distribute.
  • Embed config file and resource data (images for background/buttons)
  • Custom Button
  • Remote config file
  • Self update and client update [supports multi client exe update(Up to 255)]



ConfigGenerator - Packs configuration and resources into the patcher or generate as a binary config pack.

ThorMaker - make patch files into thor file, there two options file & grf, when choose file, the patcher will extract file into disk, and grf simply put in GRF. [Please do not pack GRF, instead you should pack the actual data.]

CheckSum - Simply a crc32 tool, used to make sure patcher & client/game exe is up to date



Internal Config and Remote Config:

Internal config is simply the one embed inside patcher, store basic information required to run

Remote config, is on web server (of course), it used configure extended features.

What's New in Version   See changelog


  • [2014-05-24] Aeomin - Fixed inccorectly handle HTTP status.
  • [2014-05-24] Aeomin - Fixed error message not shown
  • [2014-05-24] Aeomin - Fixed file extract routine.
  • [2014-05-24] Aeomin - Worked around problem when extract 0 byte file.

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