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About This File

~ Originally script by Rebel, Zephyrus [rAthena],

~ I don't own this script I'd revised it to make it compatible with Hercules.

~ [Original Topic] http://goo.gl/YU1Z7o

~ 100% compatible in (revision 137*)

//===== Hercules Script ======================================

//= Headgear to Costume converter >> Costume to Headgear converter

//===== By: ==================================================

//= Rebel, Zephyrus [rAthena]

//= Mhalicot [Hercules]

//===== Current Version: =====================================

//= 1.0

//===== Compatible With: =====================================

//= Hercules Revision 137*

//===== Description: =========================================

//= Allows a user to convert the equipped headgear

// (on Top, Mid or Low) into a costume item.

// It will remove any card and refine of the Item.

//= Allows a user to restore the equipped costume headgear

// (on Top, Mid or Low) into its original form.

// It will not return any card or refine of the item.

//===== Additional Comments: =================================

//= 1.0 Initial script [All of this script are credit to

// Rebel, Zephyrus of [rAthena] and revised by Mhalicot

// to make it compatible in Hercules.]

// Note: You must apply the patch in order to use this script


Download contains: Costume System.diff and costume.txt

What's New in Version Version 2.1   See changelog


  • 1.0~ Initial Script
  • 1.1~ Check for Refine/Card/Rental, return false.
  • 1.2~ Update compatibility for latest revision 13600+
  • 2.0~ Converted Costume item now becomes normal item, ignoring stats and effects and make it plain item. Compatible in rev. 137*. Special Thanks to Mr. Ind on making this feature possible.
  • 2.1 Item converted to costume using this command will ignore item combos. Compatible in rev. 141**

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