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About This File

HPM @afk complete package.


Compatible with Windows System Only


if you are using Linux, ignore other files and use only afk.c

some Linux System got many bugs with files what are all ready compiled under VS2012 .

(Windows Compiled wont work on *nix)



1. Download and extract files using any application that can extract it.

2. extract it in your server directory ex: C:/RO Server/Hercules/

2.1. edit conf/plugins.conf and add afk

3. Open Hercles/afk/afk.vcxproj and recompile.

4.Your done. you can now try your plugins


Note: It is compiled already, so don't bother to recompile it.

use recompile if you modify the script.

the command is @afk

If you want to edit look for src/plugins/afk.c

you can also add alias in atcommand.conf


If you have any questions feel free to drop a comment.


for more info on how to to use HPM visit Here

(Tested on Hercules rev. e9d695)

Credit: Original file by Rebel and converted by Me

What's New in Version Version 4.1   See changelog


  • 1.0 Initial Script
  • Topic: http://goo.gl/vbmQnr
  • 2.0 Added Map restriction "izlude", GVG/PVP.
  • You can't use @afk when your dead.
  • 2.1 Update compilation compatibility in latest
  • rev. 13300
  • 2.2 Fixed bug when using @afk.
  • 2.3 Fixed Map crash when using @afk.
  • 3.0 Added unable to use @afk when receiving damage. rev. 137**
  • 3.1 Fixed Compile Error rev. 14***
  • 4.0 Added AFK Timeout. Set Time Chars will be kicked from the server. [Mhalicot] rev. 145**
  • 4.1 Fixed Compiling Error and Update to latest Revision e9d6955 [Mhalicot]

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