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Do you offer any services catered to the Ragnarok community? Or, is there a job opening in your private server? Then this section is right for you.


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    • Approved, good luck :] I'm sure people will love this
    • Yeah I know what your saying if you look at any instance like rune knight its ignition break and thousand spear ( obviously 1 when your surrounded and the other when your soloing )   Thats the way mobas are doing it, but the existing skills would definitly need buffs to complement cooldowns...   but then you would still see people mobing high orcs and just spamming their best skill either way      rough lief       personally I like using the same skills but in another way... for example lghtning whip from Archeage is my absolute favorite spell  cant even find a good clip of it       c
    • I mean painting the floor 1 color and the walls another is easy ( removing models too ) but your probably looking for a bit of detail... like outlines and stuff    I wouldnt be able to tell you without making one, if you have a map in mind and some colors youd like... maybe even a video of a map you liked id be happy to whip one up          I made this map years ago if you like it...       the background is custom though wouldnt be possible to add that  
    • Hello everyone, Nihad here. About me: I have been playing RO and involved in making servers since private servers were a thing. This is going back to the Vidar v.s. eAthena days. I have been present here on the herc and rAthena forums since they became 2 different teams. I mostly keep to myself and my servers and sometimes help out people that ask for help. Recently I have been getting a bit more involved with other people.   My services: I am here to offer only 1 thing at this time and that is proxy connections. I have several dedicated servers that I use and not even 1% of the bandwidth is being used. I have also received a number of requests to set up proxy connections and seen people asking around about how to set them up. So I figured I might as well offer my help and at cover some of my costs and maybe purchase more servers.   Locations: Canada East Coast USA West Coast – optimized for Asian connections Singapore Europe location might be added in the near future Depending on where your server is hosted, one or more of these proxies might greatly reduce the ping for some of your players.   Prices: - no setup fees since everything is hosted on my servers- ($25 USD)  1 proxy location limited to 50 connections at a time ($45 USD ) 2 proxy location limited to 50 connections at a time ($60 USD ) 3 proxy location limited to 50 connections at a time You can increase the max connections by 50 for individual locations for an additional $5 USD Max connections per server allowed on a single proxy is 500   How to order and what you will need: For fastest reply, message me on discord. User: Nihad#0973 Your game client must be diffed to allow proxy connections: "Enable Proxy Support" You must not diff your game client with: "Skip Service Select" I will need your login,char and map servers IPs and ports. I can either edit your sclientinfo/clientinfo or you can do it yourself with the extra proxy connections. Then patch it to your players. If you are using gepard, you must contact functor and ask him to allow the extra IP/ports I give you to connect to your server.   You will have 3 days to try out all the proxy connections provided by me. If your players are not happy with the results then we simply remove the connections and you patch over your sclientinfo/clientinfo and that’s all there is to it. If you like some or all, then you just pay and the connections remain open. Basically you only pay if you are satisfied with the results, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out.   I really have no special plans for this. I will add clients until I am at about 50% bandwidth usage and then I’ll decide whether to purchase more servers or just keep the clients I have at that point. I will not go above 50% so that there is plenty room for growth for all of the servers. If you would be interested in a location I have not listed, let me know. If I get enough people interested I might purchase that specific location.
    • how much do you think?   I'm willing to pay as long as the result is pleasing to the eye and the skills are simplified at best to greatly lessen the lag during woe with 200 players on the screen casting skills
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