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    • here to  error from nemo site @4144  
    • what kind of error you got on nemo site?
    • Hi hercules can someone share to me hexed 2018-03-14nRagexe? i try download on nemo.herc.ws failed maybe the client already gone. the reason i want this client because i want use packet obfuscation...this is last client that support packet obfuscation key...thanks in advance
    • Why not just use the empty pvp maps and put mobs in there? Create a warper NPC with level requirements per option.
    • Hello! Here's my guide to using the Browedit Cave Dungeon Generator, as learned/discovered during my random tinkering with it.   It requires 3 textures to be on the selected textures panel (The one on the right when using Texture Editor). From my experience, it only seems to use the first 3. Any more than that will be ignored.   The first texture one should be the full black background texture. This will only be used for the top parts of the map, as in, beyond the cave walls.   The second texture should be the floor texture. This will be spammed about on all the walkable areas.   The third texture will be splattered about on the walls of the map. As you can probably guess, it'll look pretty bad since generally you need more than 1 texture for proper walls, and the selected wall texture will likely not be blended well with the floor.   Models used for the automated Cave Generator will be from the "Random2 Objects" models tab. This means that whatever is in there will be placed around the walkable areas of the map. You can choose what models are used by the Cave Generator by editing the "randommodels" file in Browedit's data folder. The file will look something like this:  Random2 Objects/Object Name|data\model\locationname\modelname.rsm "Random2 Objects" at the beginning is a must if the map objects are to be used by the generator.  "Object Name" can be anything, it has no meaning other than a display name when you open the Models->Random2 Objects window "data\model\" is where models in GRF are found. This generally stays the same. "locationname" is the folder where models can be. Before Gravity added New World and renewal, the folder names looked like "±Û·¡½ºÆ®" (That's the folder where Glast Heim things can be found). They've since simplified things, somewhat. Regions after that have names like "manuk" (Manuk Fields, or "hero" (Hero's Trail). "modelname.rsm" is the name of the model, such as "µ¢Äð.rsm" (A Rachel Field shrub). The naming conventions for these are different from the above paragraph, in the sense that things after midcamp and renewal can still be in "symbol gibberish". Only things after approximately Old GH, Renovated Pront, and Renovated Izlude have names in english.   After you've selected the models you want used, save the file and start up Browedit. Select your textures, and click the cave generator. You'll see Browedit create the cave with 3 textures, and once done there will be models sprinkled about on the map. The walkable cells will even be (mostly) done for you too. Only editing you'll need to do is to fix any weird wall textures, and fix the walkable cells on objects. Notes:  - At the time of writing this I'm not sure if there's a limit on models used by the Cave Generator. - In my files I found objects that start with "Custom" instead of Random2. Feel free to delete them, they have no effect on the Cave Generator. - Models placed on map are "actual size", meaning they're not resized at all. 
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