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    Current Version: 07 March 2020 Hercules Hash: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/commit/9106bbab19b4feaa4623a3b8e5d59e08ef73b640 Download Links (~4GB): Download from Google Drive Download from CloudMail Optional, full clean kRO game client (20190818): DOWNLOAD 2.9GB Important: Please make someone mirror for these files. Or make a donation to me and I will make mirror by myself. What is that? This is a newbie package that contains 1 click solution for launching hercules emulator in a single click. This package only for education. Do not use this package anywhere in production. This package good demonstration of how everything should be configured by yourself to make it work. We can find here a good guide on how to configure everything by yourself: http://herc.ws/board/topic/16521-how-to-setup-offline-server-for-personal-development-use/ What inside the package? You have 7 folders: 01_emulator = here emulators (pre-compiled and pre-configured) for RENEWAL or classic PRERE mechanics 02_client_side = here is your client-side what need to copy-paste to your clean kRO client 03_openserver = here is Open Server (mysql server where stored your game database and which required by the emulator) 04_useful_tools = here are different useful tools what you usually will need when will work with the emulator or databases 05_misc_repos = here are repositories from which it has built the client-side, and exe patched. 06_cmder = this is tool will be good for you to update emulator to latest version (and other files in misc_repos) 07_clean_kRO_client = this is clean kRO client (2018 somewhere in march updated), need for you to run your own RO copy. How to use all of this? extract files inside 01_emulator, 02_client_side, 03_openserver, 07_clean_kRO_client Now, what emulator version do you need? Latest (current official servers) (renewal mechanic (suras, dorams, etc classes)) or classic PRE-re (champion, high wizard, high priest)? Now if for example, you use PRERE mechanic (where is high wizard class, paladin, lord knights, and no 3rd classes) your steps is next: a.) go to 02_client_side\FOR_PRERE_EMULATOR\ b.) select all files in this folder (FOR_PRERE_EMULATOR) and copy (CTLR+C) c.) now go to 07_clean_kRO_client/clean_kRO_client/ folder and copy files here (overwrite if windows explorer will ask to do that). d.) now you need to run OpenServer (it's a server which stores all your player's data inside the database, required by the emulator) and run it. e.) Click on Red Flag -> Run the server, make sure in your tray you got Green Flag. f.) Now go to 01_emulator\hercules_PRERE\ and run: run-server.bat g.) Now go to your 07_clean_kRO_client/clean_kRO_client/ and run: 2018-04-18bRagexeRE_patched.exe Your emulator, your database, and the client are running. Now you can try to login into the game. About Accounts: How to make a GM account or how access database? For that, you need to click on Green Flag -> Advanced -> PHPMYADMIN In the login field of phpmyadmin enter: "root", in the password field enter nothing. (no password) Press enter or login, and you will be in the database. Databases well structured, so mostly always you need not edit too much there. How to make a GM account? You opened PHPMYADMIN. Now select your database, and find in this database table called: "login" Open this table, and find your account name, and you will see column "group_id". Edit number in this column (group_id) to 99. 0-99 = your GM level. 99 = super admin with all privilegies, 0 = simple player with no privieleges. Okay, everything working for me, what can I do next? My short answer: http://herc.ws/board/ Read all topics, read different guides, read info about NPCs Read info how to add NPCs, how to enable them, how to disable them Read /doc/ folder files inside your emulator folder Read wiki pages: https://herc.ws/wiki/Main_Page Do experiments and do not afraid to destroy everything or remove them. Just do mistakes and errors, it's how people learning something new, though mistakes. DO not afraid to do a lot of mistakes and ask questions. People will help you if you will try to help yourself first and will make good questions with some research before posting messages. What tools can I use for making everything much easier for me? Tools what you MUST have: - Grf Editor - Server Database Editor - VSCode / Notepad++ / Sublime Text / Atom (any of these editors and select always C syntax highlight for opened files) I want to play with my friends on my server The solution that you will find by the link below is a terrible solution. But usable for a small group of people who for education only want to launch their server ONLINE (for others). This is SUPER bad, and never do that, (it's weird, after the only time you will understand why). But if you still asking here is the link: https://gist.github.com/anacondaq/3eae8e4afb5d3c3880d08b95b2c54b78 =============================================== I want make a donation as a gesture of goodwill: =============================================== Ask administrators here: http://herc.ws/board/ If they accept donations or not, I found none donation link. Optionally you can always support next guys: 4144 for massive help to the current RO scene at all by his hard work. AnnieRuru for a lot of scripts, helping newbies on the forums http://herc.ws/board/staff/ - all these guys zackdreaver for a lot of efforts on a translation project and to all guys, scripters, mappers, etc players who spend their time, their efforts just for you to make everything free what you see here. Sorry if I didn’t mention someone. I need help with <something> There are a lot of talented developers, software developers, scripters, mappers, spriters, and many other people in this community. Check the link: https://herc.ws/board/forum/49-paid-services/ Also, I accept all questions related to the basic newbie stuff on the topic. Do not hesitate to ask even super stupid questions. But before asking something, try to do a very simple thing: Open google, in the search bar enter: "site:herc.ws" Then write your question or problem Hit enter and check all links that you see, maybe someone already solved your problem earlier. Changelog: - 20200307 - updated emulator, recompiled, uploaded to google drive. Client or db-server files not changed. - 20200203 - updated emulator, rest files not touched, if you want to upgrade your emulator, just download the 01_emulator.rar folder, and use it instead of your old one.
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    Disable command when player is dead

    // replace if (!Hp) { // to this (group permission-based) if (Hp < 1 && !has_permission(PERM_WARP_ANYWHERE)) { // or this (command permission-based) if (Hp < 1 && !can_use_command("warp")) { you could also revive the character before warping: - script adasd2a -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd("go", strnpcinfo(0) + "::Onaaa", 0, 99); end; Onaaa: if (Hp < 1) { if (has_permission(PERM_WARP_ANYWHERE)) { // this is a GM: revive them recovery(playerattached()); } else { message(strcharinfo(0), sprintf("You can't use %s when you are dead", [email protected]_command$)); end; } } atcommand(sprintf("%s %s", [email protected]_command$, implode([email protected]_parameters$, " "))); end; }
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    Buff Scroll

    Hi. More than one itemskill() invocation per item is not support due to the mechanics of server-client-communication. When using the item, the first itemskill() invocation makes the server send a packet (ZC_AUTORUN_SKILL) to the client. Now the item's script isn't attached to the character anymore and thus the second itemskill() invocation can't be executed. Use sc_start() for the first skill, to "fix" this. I have to investigate how Aegis handles this, since there are official items which cast more than one skill. For example Angeling Potion (ID=12350). item Angeling_Potion event OnConsume: SkillToMe AL_BLESSING 5 Skill AL_ANGELUS 5 return ~Kenpachi
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    Google Translate Plugin

    You can hook into the chat and whisper-related functions with a HPM plugin and then call the Google Cloud Translation API but this will be very costly because you have to translate every single message into the local language of every listening player so if you have a player speaking English and there's 50 players around them and they all use a different language you end up sending 50 translation requests to the API. You could do the translation client-side but you would have to build your google translate logic directly into the RO client. Keep in mind that this will also increase lag because you wait on API responses before displaying the message.
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    [Paid] Edit Map

    Ridley, thank you very much, I am a big fan of yours, I wish you all the blessings of the world under your life. You don’t need to not up on the topic, I just wanted to let you know that in anonymity you have people who admire your work
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    [Paid] Edit Map

    Approving this. Good Luck.
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    How to modify it

    Hi. You have to change the backgroud color from white to magenta (#FF00FF). See https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/wiki/Spriting. ~Kenpachi
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    Morphogenic Hat Script Convert

    Hi. Add this: if ([email protected]_id < 5001 || ([email protected]_id > 5859 && [email protected]_id < 30000) || [email protected]_id > 31000) { dispbottom("---------------[Morpho Helper]---------------"); dispbottom(" "); dispbottom("Sorry, this headgear was not designed for this headgear slot."); dispbottom(" "); end; } Below: if (([email protected]$ == "upper" || [email protected]$ == "middle" || [email protected]$ == "lower") && [email protected]_id <= 0) { dispbottom("---------------[Morpho Helper]---------------"); dispbottom(" "); dispbottom("Invalid headgear ID."); dispbottom(" "); end; } ~Kenpachi
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    Need help about advanced stylist

    pow() has been replaced by the exponentiation operator (x ** y), see here: In your case you would need to do these changes: // change this set [email protected]$, [email protected] % pow(10,[email protected]+1) / pow(10,[email protected]) + [email protected]$; // to this: [email protected]$ = [email protected] % (10 ** ([email protected] + 1)) / (10 ** [email protected]) + [email protected]$;
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    How to check Skill ID's Client-Side

    Hi. Client-side the skill IDs are defined in skillid.lub. ~Kenpachi
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    Zhao Chow

    3rd Job Max Level Aura to Trans Job

    check on official kRO files, (data.grf)
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    Item Shower around player

    Hey, i think this will work like that... Just an Freestyle Script in this Forum Code snippet I hope it will work, this is my Fast Solution, you can Improve this by Callfuncs to Config everything by typing the command once. so you can Configure the Itemshower with the command itmshoconf and let it rain with the command itemshower the Items will Rain Around the Player Who use the command, so it isnt bind on an map. The Command is only useable for GroupId 99 and Above so normal players wont see this in their command list and in the Itemshower theres everytime an 1,7 random chance on whish place around the player who use the command the item will appear. Please Test it before u use it and fix some errors - script Sample -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd "itemshower",strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnShower",99; //Fires The Configurated ItemShower bindatcmd "itmshoconf",strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnShowerC",99; //For Configurating the ItemShower end; OnShowerC: mes("Hey There, What would you do?"); switch(select("Change Item ID","Change Shower amount","Change Item Quantity","Nothing, Boy!")){ case 1: mes("Type in the Item ID!"); input .itemidIS; next; mes("The Item with the ID "+.itemidIS+" would "+getitemname(.itemidIS)+" is this correct?"); if(select("Yep!","Nope!")==1)close(); set .itemidIS,0; close(); case 2: mes("Type in the Shower amount!"); input .amount; next; mes("The Item Shower will rain about "+.amount+" is this correct?"); if(select("Yep!","Nope!")==2)close(); set .amount,.amount+1; close(); case 3: mes("Type in the Item Quantity every Item will Appear!"); input .quantityIS; next; mes("The Item Shower will drop every time "+.quantityIS+" items is this correct?"); if(select("Yep!","Nope!")==1)close(); set .quantityIS,0; close(); case 4: mes("Come back again if you need my help!Boy!"); close(); } end; OnShower: getmapxy([email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected], UNITTYPE_PC, strcharinfo(0)); for(set [email protected],0; [email protected]<.amount; [email protected]++){ [email protected] = rand (1,7); if([email protected] == 1){ makeitem .itemidIS,.quantityIS,[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]; sleep2 50; } else if([email protected] == 2){ makeitem .itemidIS,.quantityIS,[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]; sleep2 50; } else if([email protected] == 3){ makeitem .itemidIS,.quantityIS,[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]; sleep2 50; } else if([email protected] == 4){ makeitem .itemidIS,.quantityIS,[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]+1; sleep2 50; } else if([email protected] == 5){ makeitem .itemidIS,.quantityIS,[email protected]$,[email protected]+1,[email protected]; sleep2 50; } else if([email protected] == 6){ makeitem .itemidIS,.quantityIS,[email protected]$,[email protected]+1,[email protected]+1; sleep2 50; } else if([email protected] == 7){ makeitem .itemidIS,.quantityIS,[email protected]$,[email protected],[email protected]+1; sleep2 50; } end; } end; }
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    Specific Monster Summon Scroll

    Hi. Script: <" monster("this", -1, -1, "Ifrit", 1832, 1); "> ~Kenpachi
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    callfunc Heal group in area

    Hi. //members id getpartymember(getcharid(CHAR_ID_PARTY), 1); You have to use type 2 instead of 1 to get the account ID of all party members instead of their char IDs. (The getunits() command will collect the GID of found units, which is the account ID for player type units. (BL_PC)) Additionally you should immediately save the IDs and the member count to prevent other scripts from interfering with your data. // Get party data. getpartymember(getcharid(CHAR_ID_PARTY), 2); [email protected]_mem_cnt = [email protected]; copyarray([email protected]_mem_aid[0], [email protected][0], [email protected]_mem_cnt); [email protected]= 10; This should be 5 for a 10x10 area. When setting this to 10, your area is 20x20. [email protected] = getunits((BL_MOB | BL_PC), [email protected], -1, [email protected]$, max(0, [email protected] - [email protected]), max(0, [email protected] - [email protected]), [email protected] + [email protected], [email protected] + [email protected]); Any reason to get monster type units (BL_MOB), too? 😯 If you only want to heal party members you should only collect player type units (BL_PC). Also better use false for <limit>. -1 works, too, but is less readable. [email protected] = getunits(BL_PC, [email protected], false, [email protected]$, max(0, [email protected] - [email protected]), max(0, [email protected] - [email protected]), [email protected] + [email protected], [email protected] + [email protected]); And finally you have to add a nested loop to your loop to compare the account IDs. (Loop through found units and for each iteration loop through party members.) for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) { dispbottom("[email protected][" + [email protected] + "]: " + [email protected][[email protected]]); //debug - print the user id (getunits) for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]_mem_cnt; [email protected]++) { dispbottom("[email protected]_mem_aid[" + [email protected] + "]: " + [email protected]_mem_aid[[email protected]]); //debug - print the user id (getpartymember) if ([email protected][[email protected]] == [email protected]_mem_aid[[email protected]]) { dispbottom("Party member found. Try healing!"); //debug - party member found if (attachrid([email protected]_mem_aid[[email protected]])) { percentheal([email protected], [email protected]); specialeffect(310, AREA, playerattached()); } } } } That's just a quick draft. Syntax errors are for free. 😋 ~Kenpachi
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    Low damage PVP is something wrong?

    This was caused by custom modification. (https://herc.ws/board/topic/17974-adding-limit-or-cap-resistance-reflect-chance-and-skill-delay) ~Kenpachi
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    Okay. First of all: I'M STUPID! Second of all: I'M STUPID! And thirdly: I'M STUPID! Change "max" to "min" and 150 back to 50.... Did I mention, that I'm stupid? ~Kenpachi
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    Hi. In src/map/battle.c find function battle_calc_misc_attack() and replace: switch(skill_id){ case HT_LANDMINE: case MA_LANDMINE: case HT_BLASTMINE: case HT_CLAYMORETRAP: case RA_CLUSTERBOMB: #ifdef RENEWAL break; #endif default: md.damage = 1; } With: switch(skill_id){ case HT_BLASTMINE: break; case HT_LANDMINE: case MA_LANDMINE: case HT_CLAYMORETRAP: case RA_CLUSTERBOMB: #ifdef RENEWAL break; #endif default: md.damage = 1; } ~Kenpachi
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    Hi. Replace: set .AnnounceFlag$, "bc_all"; With: set .AnnounceFlag, bc_all; In line 189, 191, 193 and 273 replace: 16|.announce With: .AnnounceFlag, .AnnounceColor$ In line 221 replace: announce strcharinfo(0) +" , Stop killing "+ rid2name(killedrid) + " !!!",0; With: announce strcharinfo(0) +" , Stop killing "+ rid2name(killedrid) + " !!!", .AnnounceFlag, .AnnounceColor$; In line 294, 295, 303, 304, 310, 311, 317, 318, 324 and 325 replace: 16 With: .AnnounceFlag, .AnnounceColor$ No you can change the color by modifying .AnnounceColor$. ~Kenpachi
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    HD Scripts

    item_db.conf em PT-BR

    Dá uma olhadinha > https://herc.ws/board/topic/3472-source-of-item_dbtxt-to-item_dbconf/
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    [Guide] Mapcache Generation 2018

    As of Release v2018.03.13, the method to generate mapcache for Hercules has changed. A lot of people. myself included, were confused as to how it works. In this thread, I will do my best to explain the new way to generate your cache. This guide is intended to help people using the old system, not to aid new people (i.e. never generated mapcache before), so if you are new, some of it may seem like alien talk. Old (your source predates [is older than] Feb 18, 2018) In the old system, there were two ways to generate mapcache You could run the mapcache executable in Hercules root folder. Or use a program such as WeeMapCache to edit in your required mapcache. These two methods would generate or alter your required mapcache located in db/[pre-re or re]/map_cache.dat. However, they are no longer supported. New (your source is using Release v2018.03.13 or newer) The new system involves the use of the new 'mapcache' plugin to generate files. Some quick points: db/[pre-re or re]/map_cache.dat has been dropped (no longer supported). In its place are individual .mcache files for every map located in maps/[pre-re or re]/ Mapcache executable has been removed. Replaced with the mapcache plugin (src/plugins/mapcache.c). How to generate the mapcache? Same as before, check conf/map/maps.conf and db/map_index.txt have all the maps you want to cache. Your maps need to exist somewhere in your repository! There are two ways for the plugin to find them: a. Place all your maps, including resnametable.txt, inside the data folder of your Hercules repo. I.e. Hercules/data/prontera.gat/gnd/gnd/rsw (note: I forget if all three files are needed). b. OR Configure your conf/grf-files.txt to tell it where to find your GRF(s) which contains your maps. Build the mapcache plugin. On linux, this can be done by running the following command: make plugin.mapcache If using MSVC, compile as you would any other plugin. Execute plugin. This can be done using the following command: ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache [param] In windows, just remove the './' and run the commands in your command prompt. The params: The first thing you should do is run ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --help A list of usable parameters will appear. Here are the ones you need to know for mapcache: [Info]: --convert-old-mapcache Converts an old db/pre-re/map_cache.dat file to the new format. [Mapcache] [Info]: --rebuild-mapcache Rebuilds the entire mapcache folder (maps/pre-re/), using db/map_index.txt as index. [Mapcache] [Info]: --map <name> Rebuilds an individual map's cache into maps/pre-re/ (usage: --map <map_name_without_extension>). [Mapcache] [Info]: --fix-md5 Updates the checksum for the files in maps/pre-re/, using db/map_index.txt as index (see PR #1981). [Mapcache] ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --convert-old-mapcache Rebuild all the .mcache files using your old db/[pre-re or re]map_cache.dat file. NOTE: You should only run this command when you have an old map_cache.dat file you need to convert. ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --rebuild-mapcache Rebuild all the .mcache files using your map files specified in step 2 of generation. NOTE: You should only run this command in special circumstances. This erases ALL the existing mapcache and rebuilds it with whatever files you provide it. If you don't have the required files, the build will fail and you will be left with missing mapcache files, meaning you won't be able to access those particular maps. ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --map <name> Rebuild the .mcache file for the map name you specify. E.g. if you replace <name> with prontera, the maps/[pre-re or re]/prontera.mcache file will be rebuilt. NOTE: This is the best command to run, as it only caches a single map at a time. ./map-server --load-plugin mapcache --fix-md5 I don't know what checksum is for. The End Feel free to ask for help here. I'll try to answer questions re: mapcache if possible. And if you think anything needs correcting or added, let me know. Hope this helps!
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    On your skill_db.conf find { Id: 485 Name: "WS_CARTTERMINATION" Description: "Cart Termination" and look for the this: DamageType: { IgnoreCards: true } It should be like this DamageType: { //IgnoreCards: true } after that restart the server.
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    [BUG] Looter Monster

    Kenpachi's fix for this is included in the v2020.03.08+2 release I just pushed, thank you!
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    [BUG] Looter Monster

    Hi. In src/map/unit.c find function unit_walktobl() and replace: if (unit->walk_toxy_sub(bl) == 0 && (flag & 2) != 0) { set_mobstate(bl); return 1; } with: if (unit->walk_toxy_sub(bl) == 0) { if ((flag & 2) != 0) set_mobstate(bl); return 1; } And re-compile. ~Kenpachi
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    Morphogenic Hat Script Convert

    Hi. Here you go: I re-wrote the original script, so if you have modifications in your version, you have to apply them again. Sorry. ~Kenpachi
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    you have outdated at least binkw32.dll, get newer version of it from any newer ro clients
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    Morphogenic Hat Script Convert

    Sorry, my fault. It's ITEMINFO_VIEWSPRITE instead of ITEMINFO_VIEWID. ~Kenpachi
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    Duplicate NPC Commands

    Hi. npc-duplicate.c (Additional parameter for duplicateremove() the to choose if mobs spawned by duplicate should be removed, too.) ~Kenpachi
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    GRF Editor. Install it. Select your GRF files, ItemInfo.lub files, where is your pre-re folder located, and try to use it, with GUI it's much easier to edit / add something new. Just need to try (always do backups first). Try to play with it. It's easy. Optionally you can try to use something like this: https://herc.ws/wiki/Custom_Items As far as I know - nope yet. No, it's not done. On your screenshot there is errors with applying the patch. Most easier way to apply a patch - just open the patch with VSCode editor, it will highlite green text that need to paste, and red text that need to find in the file. Just use search feature in your text editor and replace. But there must be some understanding what are you doing and for what. Better idea: tell me what do you want to do? answer above. Also, as far as I know - patches from different emulators not compatible. Also -> emulator source code changed frequently. And if you're for example found a patch on herc board below for example 2018 year, there are high chances that this patch require changes to make it work and make it compatible with the emulator current source code. (because code changes overtime). Also, hercules has some benefits over rathena: Not need to download and install 8GB of Visual Studio for re-compiling the emulator.
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    combat arena error

    I made some changes, now is working fine. OnPCDieEvent part: OnPCLogoutEvent part:
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    Hi. Quick'n'dirty: ~Kenpachi
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    combat arena error

    'getmapusers' only will count a 'dead player' if he still in the map... but you already added this: When a player die, it send back to 'kame_house', Now about the the quit players you can do this: Add: And change these: OnPCDieEvent part: Enter arena part: I think is it, not tested.
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    combat arena error

    I made a little mistake, now is tested and working:
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    Another Nemo patcher fork

    This topic about another Nemo fork https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo ChangeLog Now updated: Addon "extract msg string table" Patch "restore login window" Patch "Load Custom lua file instead of iteminfo*.lub" Patch Always Use Email for Char Deletion Different other patches (not all tested). New patches for Ragnarok Zero clients. Restore old login packet New patches for all clients: Remove hard coded address/port Hide lua errors Disable Cheat Defender Game Guard Set fixed job id in char create dialog Increase hair style limit in game Change new char name field height Remove wrong chars from cash shop Change minimal screen resolution limit Allow leader to leave party if no members on map Allow close cutin by pressing esc key Skip some hidden menu icon buttons Change guild exp limit Change fade in/out delay Copy patched Cheat Defender Game Guard Fix achievement counters for each type of achievement Fix act delay for act files with many frames Fix achievement counters for each type of achievement Hide zero date (1979-01-01) in guild members window Change character display time from actual date to relative date Draw shield on top of other player sprites Hide build info in client Hide packets from peek Patches reports service: http://nemo.herc.ws For test Ragnarok zero clients need: this nemo fork and enable at least patches from https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo/blob/master/profiles/zero_minimal.log this or similar clientinfo.xml https://gitlab.com/4144/Nemo/blob/master/configs/zero/clientinfo.xml From 2018-11-14 in all clients must be enabled patch Remove hard coded address/port For clients newer than 2018-03-09: Need manually copy cdclient.dll from Nemo/input or enable patch "Copy patched Cheat Defender Game Guard" Clients downloads: http://nemo.herc.ws/downloads/
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    Optimized ecl_fild01

    Version 1.0.0


    The map "ecl_fild01" is very different from most RO maps, because it is swarmed with plant models that cause massive lag and in some cases it can even crash the game. This map edit lowers the amount of models clustered together to eliminate this issue. Liked any of the content I've uploaded and want to show your appreciation?
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    [BUG] Experience Gained BUG?

    We're working on that issue. (https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/2647) ~Kenpachi
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    Topic re-approved, good luck!
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    Modernized Thunderstorm

    Version 1.0.0


    Minor retouches to the Thunderstorm .str file to make it look more "modern" compared to the original one. On most clients, it goes in data/texture/effect. Liked any of the content I've uploaded and want to show your appreciation?
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    I have ordered multiple times from Daifuku already and I can say that she does great work! 10/10 would order again and I highly recommend her for your RO graphical needs!
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    Adicionar Custom Map

    Que bom, qualquer coisa tamo ai
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    Pasta Datas compatíveis com HEXEDS

    Boa noite. Eu consegui fazer a minha aqui, obrigado pela resposta. Atenciosamente,
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    3 Colored Credit Cards

    View File 3 Colored Credit Cards Colored Credit Cards Just cleaning up my design folders. Hehe Submitter Anakid Submitted 02/22/20 Category Sprites & Palettes  
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    New hercules feature: Expanded barter shop

    From last release in hercules was added new shop type: expanded barter shop. This shop allow buy item with different amount and pay with other items or with money. For removed items supported refine levels. Also this shop allow infinite or limited numbers in shop. Limited numbers saved into database. For use shop example script uncomment in file npc/scripts_custom.conf this line: //"npc/custom/expandedbartershop.txt", This shop supported from clients: Ragexe: 2019-11-20 and newer RagexeRE: 2019-11-06 and newer Ragexe zero: 2019-11-27 and newer Same sample images:
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    Modern Lightning Crash

    Version 1.0.0


    Way better version of the Lightning Crash / Raigekisai skill, taken from the as_wind_ghost mob sprite. On most clients, it goes in data\sprite\ÀÌÆÑÆ®. Liked any of the content I've uploaded and want to show your appreciation?
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    Changelog: - Updated all Clients - Updated twRO BGMS (3 new ones) NOTE: to disable the Snow effect in Prontera, open your grf and navigate to data/etcinfo.txt Then add (or edit) the following: weather# //prontera.rsw# //snow# Collection of official Full Clients. Those are vanilla, not modified in any way or whatever. They are patched up to date. Let me know if I've missed something. Server Name With BGM Without BGM BGM only South Korea (kRO) 21. Dec. 2018 2,70 GB Mega OneDrive 2,42 GB Mega OneDrive 294 MB Mega OneDrive South Korea (Ragnarok Zero) 21. Dec. 2018 2,22 GB Mega OneDrive Taiwan and Hongkong (twRO) 21. Dec. 2018 2,24 GB Mega OneDrive 1,95 GB Mega OneDrive 310 MB Mega OneDrive Japan (jRO) 21. Dec. 2018 2,23 GB Mega OneDrive 1,93 GB Mega OneDrive 311 MB Mega OneDrive Thailland (tRO) 21. Dec. 2018 1,67 GB Mega OneDrive 1,41 GB Mega OneDrive 272 MB Mega OneDrive International (iRO) 21. Dec. 2018 2,42 GB Mega OneDrive 2,14 GB Mega OneDrive 294 MB Mega OneDrive Philippines (pRO) 21. Dec. 2018 1,5 GB Mega OneDrive 1,25 GB Mega OneDrive 272 MB Mega OneDrive Indonesia (idRO) 21. Dec. 2018 1,88 GB Mega OneDrive 1,61 GB Mega OneDrive 282 MB Mega OneDrive Brazil (bRO) 21. Dec. 2018 1,95 GB Mega OneDrive 1,69 GB Mega OneDrive 273 MB Mega OneDrive France, Europe (fRO, euRO) 21. Dec. 2018 1,85 GB Mega OneDrive 1,59 GB Mega OneDrive 273 MB Mega OneDrive
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    Name: Build Manager Creator: Me (@Cretino) Version: 1.2 (Updated script and source modification to work with last Hercules revision [Cretino] (Need source modification)) Contributors: (@kerbiii: Found a bug, @Anisotropic Defixation: Make a list of bugged skills) Q: 'What features have 'Build Manager'?' R: Q: 'How to use these features?' R: 'You can use all features in game, just talk to npc and have fun. ' Q: 'How to configure it?' R: 'You can go to line '666' in script, and you will see details like:' I'm accepting suggestions. If you found any bug, report in topic or send me a private message. I'll solve the problem as quickly as possible. I think is it. Note: Sorry for my English. @Edit Now is necessary apply this source modification to use the script: skillup_scriptcommand_by_cretino_v0.1.diff build_manager_v1.2.txt skillup_scriptcommand_by_cretino.diff build_manager_v1.1.txt build_manager_v1.0.txt build_manager_v1.0.txt build_manager_v1.0.txt
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    How to apply a diff file

    getting tired of people keep sending me personal message -> how do I apply your koe patch after about 6 PMs or so I getting really fed up, only then I realize there is no guide to properly teach members how to apply a diff file, so here I make one for you guys First step A lot of people download hercules in .zip format. This is WRONG. instead, follow the proper guide and use tortoisegit (if you are using windows) to download your server This is the proper guide on how to install hercules Question: but I am using rathena, not hercules Answer: just change the link into rathena ones https://github.com/rathena/rathena/wiki/Install-on-Windows Second step after you get your proper server, the first thing you have to do is get rid of your current one this is the painful process, because you did not follow the guide but on the up side, you can always update your server every week just by Git pull which already mentioned in that installation topic guide Question: but every time I Git pull, it always ask to resolve conflicts Answer: that's the reason hercules community stop providing patch file and transition towards plugin system you should always keep your server up to date with the latest revision as we always add new features and bug fix nobody on the board like to give support on old emulator Question: but rathena doesn't have plugin system Answer: yes rathena doesn't support right now, but will be soon in the near future. rathena already slowly transition towards C++ format Third Step now you have a .diff file, download the file somewhere, right click on it then point the link towards your hercules installation folder Apply Patch Serial... Review/apply single patch... if either option doesn't work, try the other Disclaimer: I am windows user, so I never use Linux or Centos whatever, so this guide is purely meant for those keep bombard my PM box over and over
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    @Myriad thanks, maybe post here it will be useful for others to.
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    Hey guys, this is my 'new script'. (New to you guys, because I used when I had my server, but now with some improvements.) Name: Quest Manager Creator: Me (@@Cretino) Version: 1.0b (Little improvement and others bugs fixed.) Contributors: (@@Aeromesi: Found a bug.) Recommendations: To get a better experience using this script, it is recommended change the value of 'input_max_value' to '2147483647'. (See more in 'conf/script.conf'.) Q: 'What features have 'Quest Manager'?' R: Q: 'How to use these features?' R: 'You can use all features in game, just talk to npc with GM Account and have fun. ' Q: 'How to configure it?' R: 'You can go to line '1568' in script, and you will see details like:' I'm accepting suggestions. If you found any bug, report in topic or send me a private message. I'll solve the problem as quickly as possible. I think is it. Note: Sorry for my English. quest_manager_v1.0.txt quest_manager_v1.0.txt quest_manager_v1.0.txt
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