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    Current Version: 27 April 2021 Hercules Hash: Release v2021.04.05 · HerculesWS/[email protected] (github.com) Download Links (~4GB): Download from Mirror #1 or Download from Mirror #2 or Download from Mirror #3 Important: Please make someone mirror these files. Or make a donation to me and I will make a mirror by myself. What is that? This is a newbie package that contains 1 click solution for launching Hercules emulator with a single click. This package only for education. Do not use this package anywhere in production. This package good demonstration of how everything should be configured by yourself to make it work. We can find here a good guide on how to configure everything by yourself: http://herc.ws/board/topic/16521-how-to-setup-offline-server-for-personal-development-use/ What inside the package? You have 7 folders: 01_emulator = here emulators (pre-compiled and pre-configured) for RENEWAL or classic PRERE mechanics 02_client_side = here is your client-side what need to copy-paste to your clean kRO client 03_openserver = here is Open Server (MySQL server where stored your game database and which required by the emulator) 04_useful_tools = here are different useful tools that you usually will need when will work with the emulator or databases 05_misc_repos = here are repositories from which it has built the client-side, and exe patched. 06_cmder = this is a tool will be good for you to update the emulator to the latest version (and other files in misc_repos) 07_clean_kRO_client = this is a clean kRO client (2018 somewhere in march updated), need for you to run your own RO copy. How to use all of this? extract files inside 01_emulator, 02_client_side, 03_openserver, 07_clean_kRO_client Now, what emulator version do you need? Latest (current official servers) (renewal mechanic (suras, dorams, etc classes)) or classic PRE-re (champion, high wizard, high priest)? Now if for example, you use PRERE mechanic (where is high wizard class, paladin, lord knights, and no 3rd classes) your steps are next: a.) go to 02_client_side\FOR_PRERE_EMULATOR\ b.) select all files in this folder (FOR_PRERE_EMULATOR) and copy (CTLR+C) c.) now go to 07_clean_kRO_client/clean_kRO_client/ folder and copy files here (overwrite if windows explorer will ask to do that). d.) now you need to run OpenServer (it's a server that stores all your player's data inside the database, required by the emulator) and run it. e.) Click on Red Flag -> Run the server, make sure in your tray you got Green Flag. f.) Now go to 01_emulator\hercules_PRERE\ and run: run-server.bat g.) Now go to your 07_clean_kRO_client/clean_kRO_client/ and run: 2018-04-18bRagexeRE_patched.exe Your emulator, your database, and the client are running. Now you can try to login into the game. About Accounts: How to make a GM account or how to access the database? For that, you need to click on Green Flag -> Advanced -> PHPMYADMIN In the login field of PHPMyAdmin enter: "root", in the password field enter nothing. (no password) Press enter or login, and you will be in the database. Databases well structured, so mostly always you need not edit too much there. How to make a GM account? You opened PHPMYADMIN. Now select your database, and find in this database table called: "login" Open this table, and find your account name, and you will see column "group_id". Edit number in this column (group_id) to 99. 0-99 = your GM level. 99 = super admin with all privilegies, 0 = simple player with no privieleges. Okay, everything working for me, what can I do next? My short answer: http://herc.ws/board/ Read all topics, read different guides, read info about NPCs Read info how to add NPCs, how to enable them, how to disable them Read /doc/ folder files inside your emulator folder Read wiki pages: https://herc.ws/wiki/Main_Page Do experiments and do not afraid to destroy everything or remove them. Just do mistakes and errors, it's how people learning something new, through mistakes. DO not afraid to do a lot of mistakes and ask questions. People will help you if you will try to help yourself first and will make good questions with some research before posting messages. What tools can I use for making everything much easier for me? Tools that you MUST have: - Grf Editor - Server Database Editor - VSCode / Notepad++ / Sublime Text / Atom (any of these editors and select always C syntax highlight for opened files) I want to play with my friends on my server The solution that you will find by the link below is a terrible solution. But usable for a small group of people who for education only want to launch their server ONLINE (for others). This is SUPER bad, and never do that, (it's weird, after the only time you will understand why). But if you still asking here is the link: https://gist.github.com/anacondaq/3eae8e4afb5d3c3880d08b95b2c54b78 =============================================== I want make a donation as a gesture of goodwill: =============================================== Ask administrators here: http://herc.ws/board/ If they accept donations or not, I found no donation link. Optionally you can always support the next guys: 4144 for massive help to the current RO scene at all by his hard work. AnnieRuru for a lot of scripts, helping newbies on the forums http://herc.ws/board/staff/ - all these guys zackdreaver for a lot of efforts on a translation project and to all guys, scripters, mappers, etc players who spend their time, their efforts just for you to make everything free what you see here. Sorry if I didn’t mention someone. I need help with <something> There are a lot of talented developers, software developers, scripters, mappers, spriters, and many other people in this community. Check the link: https://herc.ws/board/forum/49-paid-services/ Also, I accept all questions related to the basic newbie stuff on the topic. Do not hesitate to ask even super stupid questions. But before asking something, try to do a very simple thing: Open google, in the search bar enter: "site:herc.ws" Then write your question or problem Hit enter and check all links that you see, maybe someone already solved your problem earlier. Alternatively: if you will not be annoying, and will be respectful, I can help with some newbie stuff in the discord channel about the package: https://discord.gg/p2kvabm Changelog: - 2021-04-10 - build from scratch new version with everything new (2020 game client, latest translation, fixed bugs, tons of features and improvements) - 20200419 - upgraded emulators, fixed problems with emulators, SQL files, and so on, upgraded full kRO, tools, misc Repos, client-files not touched. Added Discord channel for newbies support. - 20200307 - updated emulator, recompiled, uploaded to google drive. Client or db-server files not changed. - 20200203 - updated emulator, rest files not touched, if you want to upgrade your emulator, just download the 01_emulator.rar folder, and use it instead of your old one.
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    IP's are recycled upon termination of machine rental or services. maybe previous user moved/migrated to new ip but there are clients is still trying to send packets to old ip. i dont know.
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    I have updated my github. For anyone wanting to use my custom instances I'd suggest downloading them from my github for Hercules, the instances are updated to be fully working on latest Hercules servers as of the time of this post. https://github.com/Aeromesi/AeromesiCodes Also updated installation method and tried to make things a bit easier to understand for beginner developers. Updates: .mcache files are provided for re/pre-re Fixed ArrayShuffle function (Now Ice Titans attack El Dicastes should be working as well as Fiery Fairy Forest)
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    "By using the beast's chakra with its tail, the host begins its transformation. They begin the red chakra aura, which gives them increased strength, speed and healing. " Credits - Renato Manara & SM et al *If anyone get interested, we are recruiting
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    trunk/db/pre-re/skill_tree.conf Novice: { skills: { NV_BASIC: 9 NV_FIRSTAID: 1 NV_TRICKDEAD: 1 WE_BABY: 1 WE_CALLPARENT: 1 WE_CALLBABY: 1 ALL_INCCARRY: 1 } } Just add whatever skill you want inside. For you example: Novice: { skills: { NV_BASIC: 9 NV_FIRSTAID: 1 NV_TRICKDEAD: 1 WE_BABY: 1 WE_CALLPARENT: 1 WE_CALLBABY: 1 ALL_INCCARRY: 1 // CUSTOM SKILLS FROM THIEF TF_DOUBLE: 10 TF_MISS: 10 TF_STEAL: 10 TF_HIDING: { MaxLevel: 10 TF_STEAL: 5 } TF_POISON: 10 TF_DETOXIFY: { MaxLevel: 1 TF_POISON: 3 } TF_SPRINKLESAND: 1 TF_BACKSLIDING: 1 TF_PICKSTONE: 1 TF_THROWSTONE: 1 } }
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    How to turn off all sign icon/sign ?

    iirc, those are in the Clients System/towninfo.lub Note: Not in the grf but in the game directory
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    How to turn off all sign icon/sign ?

    Its the enxrypted one from kro. You need to edit the one from your custom grf. It's part of the Translation files in there.
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    How to turn off all sign icon/sign ?

    it's entirely clientside in client\data\luafiles514\lua files\signboardlist.lub and thus can't be disabled server wise. { "prontera", // Map 159, // x coord 192, // y coord 10, // sign height IT_SIGNBOARD, // type "유저인터페이스\\item\\al_warp.bmp", // ressource path " Warper", // Text shown "#0x00FFFFFF" // Text color }, You can simply empty that file.
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    No more Work in Progress, Please report if there are any bug Download: 1.0a [Complete] plugin What is `@packetfilter` ? `@packetfilter` is a custom mod originate from eamod https://github.com/zephyrus-cr/eamod/blob/master/Servers/rAthena/conf/groups.conf#L418-L422 it can actually reduce lag on your live server during woe depends on how many players activate it it totally depends on the player's side, community effort that every player should together turn on the `@packetfilter` to reduce massive lag during woe this modification is actually very famous and there are members willingly to pay for it https://rathena.org/board/topic/121200-packetfilter-battleinfo/ https://rathena.org/board/topic/123203-battleinfo-packetfilter/ https://rathena.org/board/topic/111797-packetfilter-zepyhrus-ramod/ https://rathena.org/board/topic/79995-buy-noactnodelay-partybuff-src-as-it-was-on-pro-ro-or-packetfilter/ this `@packetfilter` is unlike the one you are having, or that is circulating on rathena forum this one has been written entirely from scratch and added some other flags that the original don't for example, `@packetfilter COHM EOHM` allow block normal chat and emotion from non-related players, pets, homunculus and monsters but this doesn't block normal chat from party/guild members a full list of flags are C = ignore normal Chat, including Dancer's scream, Bard's frost joke, and pet's talk (pet start to talk when intimacy > 900) E = ignore emotion, including monster and pet emotion (but NOT pet performance) I = ignore Item use effect A = ignore normal Attack animation (based on receiving side), your own attack animation are always shown B = Buffing skill animations (based on receiving side), your own casting animation are always shown S = Status effect T = offensive single Target skill/spell animations (based on receiving side), your own casting animation are always shown G = Ground based skills (eg:storm gust), your own casting animation are always shown M = Music dance/songs from Bard/Dancer D = Direction. Recommend filter on Party/Guild type and not enemies. Highly Recommend for supportive type Class. after the Main type, also support additional flags S = Self P = Party G = Guild B = Battleground C = Clan O = Other players, none of the above H = Homunculus/pets/elementals/mercenary and player's @summon M = Monsters Why This plugin doesn't block Kaite or Energy Coat ? 2 reasons No.1 - currently there is a bug with plugin, struct packet_spawn_unit *p = (struct packet_spawn_unit*)RBUFP(buf, 0); this line will throw error on Linux so no choice, maybe I'll make a bug report this bug also has been reported on Dastgir's `@noview` No.2 - just set p->virtue = 0; isn't really blocking the packet this goes against the very principle of this plugin, which is NOT send certain packet to the client OPT3 (including OPT3_KAITE | OPT3_ENERGYCOAT | OPT3_SOULLINK) is part of the idle_unitType, unit_walkingType and spawn_unitType function and blocking those 3 packet entirely is stupid in case you don't understand, look under clif_set_unit_walking and clif_set_unit_idle function inside src\map\clif.c file p.GUID = g_id; p.GEmblemVer = status->get_emblem_id(bl); p.honor = (sd) ? sd->status.manner : 0; // p.virtue = (sc) ? sc->opt3 : 0; <-- change this line p.virtue = 0; p.isPKModeON = (sd && sd->status.karma) ? 1 : 0; p.sex = vd->sex; Note: about [D]irection type packet try add a ShowDebug inside clif->send src/map/clif.c | 1 + 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+) diff --git a/src/map/clif.c b/src/map/clif.c index ab3c4422a..9e245f335 100644 --- a/src/map/clif.c +++ b/src/map/clif.c @@ -450,6 +450,7 @@ static bool clif_send(const void *buf, int len, struct block_list *bl, enum send return true; } +ShowDebug("source:%s buf:0x%x send_target:%d\n", (sd != NULL)? sd->status.name : "NULL", RBUFW(buf, 0), type); switch(type) { case ALL_CLIENT: //All player clients. iter = mapit_getallusers(); you will find 0x9c is being send repeatedly on every attack and every skill cast , getting attack etc this direction update packet isn't just send by Shift-click, but also including all the actions above this packet is very spam-able and I think can be safely block on party/guild/clan/bg flags for supportive class, I also think can block all of them since supportive class doesn't need information from enemies
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    Forging + Item Option

    Someone message me this concept a long time ago but I became busy. With some free time, I decide to try and create a plugin for this. Here is what I have done initially: With that setup, it was set to take random options from any of the available random options in the database and the set value was just hardcoded from 1 - 10.  In the video, there is one item option with 5 options but shows 4 options for the item, it is because, the option that has been randomly generated is: { Id: 86 Name: "BODY_ATTR_ALL" Script: <" /* Needs more info */ "> }, In client file, there is no counterpart for this ID as well, thus it will not show even though the slot was taken by this option. A lot of things could be improved and added. This could be combined with the item options + drop effect I made before.
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    Revising rA script to Herc

    MF_LOADEVENT should be in uppercase. Also it might be faster to use a hash table than looping through the array (imagine having an array with 2k maps and doing a string comparison for each one of them every time someone enters the map) - script map_name -1,{ OnInit: .maps = htnew(); // create a new hash table // htput(.maps, "<map name>", "<map nick>"); htput(.maps, "prontera", "Prontera City, The Imperial Capital"); htput(.maps, "morocc", "Morroc Town, The Frontier"); htput(.maps, "geffen", "Geffen, The City of Magic"); htput(.maps, "payon", "Payon Town, The Upland Village"); htput(.maps, "alberta", "Alberta, The Port City"); htput(.maps, "izlude", "Izlude Town, The Satellite City of Prontera"); htput(.maps, "aldebaran", "Al De Baran, The Gate to the New World"); htput(.maps, "xmas", "Lutie, The City of Eternal Christmas"); htput(.maps, "comodo", "Comodo, The City of Fun and Celebrations"); htput(.maps, "yuno", "Juno, The Capital of the Commonwealth and Ancient Lore"); htput(.maps, "amatsu", "Amatsu, The New Land Discovered"); htput(.maps, "gonryun", "Gonryun, The Hermit Land"); htput(.maps, "umbala", "Umbala, The Lost Land"); htput(.maps, "niflheim", "Niffleheim, The Cold Land of Death"); htput(.maps, "louyang", "Louyang, The Fortress of Dragon"); htput(.maps, "new_1-1", "Training Ground"); htput(.maps, "sec_pri", "Valhalla Prison"); htput(.maps, "jawaii", "Jawaii, The Island of Love"); htput(.maps, "ayothaya", "Ayothaya, The Land of Majectic Culture"); htput(.maps, "einbroch", "Einbroch, The Steel City"); htput(.maps, "lighthalzen", "Lighthalzen, The City of Scientific Myths"); htput(.maps, "einbech", "Einbech, The Mining Town"); htput(.maps, "hugel", "Hugel, Between the Icy Moutain and Chilly Blue Sea"); htput(.maps, "rachel", "Rachel, The Capital City of Arunafeltz"); htput(.maps, "veins", "Veins, The Canyon Village"); htput(.maps, "mid_camp", "Rune Midgard Allied Forces Post"); [email protected] = htiterator(.maps); // create an iterator to loop through the table for ([email protected]$ = htifirstkey([email protected]); hticheck([email protected]); [email protected]$ = htinextkey([email protected])) { // we are only interested in the key so no need to htget() here setmapflag([email protected]$, MF_LOADEVENT); } htidelete([email protected]); // we're done with the iterator: deallocate it end; OnPCLoadMapEvent: // check whether it's in the hash table: if ([email protected]$ = htget(.maps, strcharinfo(PC_MAP), "")) { announce([email protected]$, bc_self); } end; }
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    Hello Quazi, what version of Hercules are you using? Unless you've pulled since, from the folder name it appears you're using v2019.05.05, and we are not offering support for such old releases
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    Request pvp statues

    I believe @AnnieRuru updated her pvp script: link
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    Droprate Bonus for item equip

    Thank you for the idea but i already got the dropdate source kindalate but it's 100% working
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    Another Nemo patcher fork

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    〉GRAND OPENING THIS MAY, 15TH ! WoonRO Seasons is a new International English Pre-Renewal Ragnarok Online mid-rate server from the founder of WoonRO, dedicated to bringing you the best Ragnarok experience possible. We will be fixing bugs, improving upon original game mechanics, as well as implementing new custom content and features very frequently. If you're looking for a long-term, corruption free Pre-Renewal server with NO imbalanced or overpowered donations, you've found what you're looking for. The main staff is comprised of highly experienced players, with active development taking place. Your unique experience begins here! 〉Server Information WoonRO Season 2 is a near identical copy of the existing WoonRO server. Seasons are an optional, recurring game mode that allows you the opportunity to start fresh every few months, leveling a character from scratch without previously earned items, levels, and zeny. A great positive of the season system is reliving the initial progression, and seeing a character grow in great strides. Seasons are separate from each other, and it might seem intimidating that your character will have to start fresh. None of your efforts will be wasted however, as all your endeavors within a season — characters, items, levels, donations, zeny etc. — will be rolled over and merged with the non-seasonal WoonRO server once the season concludes. This system can be found on various popular big games such as Archeage or Diablo. Season 2 is scheduled for revision after 6 months. The decision on what to do with Season 2 will be determined by how active the community is and/or a community vote. A server merge will require for all servers to be taken down for a few days. Our intent is to preserve all character data so that effort is never lost. The next Season will launch after 6 months independently from what happens to the previous Season. more detailed information regarding systems can be found on our wiki. 〉Earn $Money by playing on Woon Seasons You want to play your favorite game and earn some money on the side? Well, congratulations! With our Seasonal Ranking System you have the chance to win up to 200$ per month! Isn't that amazing? Each month there will be a ranking system based on the points accumulated. We will give real money rewards for the top 3 players and in-game rewards for the top-ranked player for each eligible class. There will also be a grand ranking system that will be set for 6 months after the server launch date with cash rewards for the top 3 grand ranking players and the top-ranked player of each eligible class. Eligible classes will be listed in-game in the ranking system. Getting points will be simple and for the most part automated. You will be able to get points from PvP, MvP, BG, WoE, KoE, Zeny and other places. 〉How much can I earn a month? Overall Rank 1 = 200$ Overall Rank 2 = 100$ Overall Rank 3 = 50$ Transcendent Second Class (2-1 + 2-2) as well as TK, Ninja, Gunslinger = 10$ each. So what the heckerooni are you waiting for? Tell your friends and join Woon Seasons NOW! Community Discord:https://discord.io/woonro Download: http://s2.woonro.com/?module=main&action=media Register Account:http://s2.woonro.com/?module=account&action=create/
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    Future of ROCred and RO Patcher Lite

    Update 2021-02-26: While this still has no tangible name, currently running under the working name SKAL (which was previously ELUR and permutations thereof, including LURE, even though it won't lure anyone), the patching launcher itself is taking form. The plug-in system will be post-poned to a later version, because currently it is very fragile and the built-in functionality ought to be enough for anybody. The skin support, as opposed to ROCred, will use PNG rather than BMP. While magenta will still serve as transparent color and alpha-blending support is absent, at least the skin files will be smaller. Like pre-2.4.5 RSU plug-ins PANTEXT and PANHTML, the patch news will be built-in and use the IE WebView for HTML patch news (how that works out on Win10 will be left for community feedback). The major difference is, that you can summon multiple patch news (as much as Windows allows), for example for providing seem-less interactive controls to the interface, like server status. As in ROCred the amount of buttons is also limited by available memory only. The patch part builds on top of the RSU4 framework and the RSULIB3 library so you get the same performance, but with multi-GRF support. RGZ support is planned in the initial version. Later versions may introduce support for ZIP, RAR, 7Z/LZMA, either built-in, or as plug-ins. The launcher part remains essentially unchanged to ROCred. How configuration will be provided is not yet decided, options are three. Embedded into the plauncher (AV vendors hate this), a separate file or files, or all resources stored in a remote location.
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    Version 1.0.2


    Wheel of fortune Fun event, this particular version is set to accept Zeny as a payment for gambling. Would like to thank a lot @Myriad for Improving my code! Package contains: data.zip data folder to put into your GRF file or straight into data folder. wheel_of_fortune.txt the script itself. WheelOfFortune.psd the Photoshop source file, you can edit the prizes pictures if you like. This event can be configured to run automatically OnClock0800: OnClock1200: OnClock1600: OnClock2000: OnClock2200: just change this part of the script, at what time you want the script to run. Or, a GM can start this event by running this command : @wheel_of_fortune start As a reference, This is a version of the script using event points as a payment (in case you would like to take a look) https://pastebin.com/wN6ZjxM0
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    Version 1.0


    illust's for a system of daily rewards, created by me, based on the official theme of ragnarok online. It works with the script [rathena]: Daily_Reward_System PS: If you like it, and give me reputation, it's important to me and encourages me to continue with my work! best regards, ZelosAvalon
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    Version v1.3


    Script By Request : http://herc.ws/board/topic/4756-ultimate-guild-ranking Percentage Changes:AgitCount= 20%Emp Break = 50%Active Participants = 20%KDR = 10% Features: Guild Ranking Previous Month Guild Ranking Rewards based on previous month Edits to made after installing the Script: Open npc/guild/agit_main.txt Add Following Line doevent "UltimateRanker#00::OnEmpBreak"; Before // Adjust Economy Invest Level for Castle set [email protected],getcastledata(strnpcinfo(2),2) - 5; Have a Custom WoE? And its not triggering the Script?? Solution: add the following line on EmperiumBreaking Label. doevent "UltimateRanker#00::OnEmpBreak"; Please report any bugs/suggestions.
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