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    September Digest 2019

    For pre-re: python itemcombodbconverter.py --mode pre-re > item_combo_db.conf For re: python itemcombodbconverter.py --mode re > item_combo_db.conf then move the item_combo_db.conf to your db folder
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    September Digest 2019

    September Digest 2019 The following digest covers the month of September 1st - September 30th 2019 Team Changes None Added Added/updated packets, encryption keys and message tables for clients up to 2019-09-18. (#2528) Added the `@changecharsex` command, to change a character's sex. (part of #2528) Added support for clan names in the name packets. (part of #2528) Added support for multiple Token of Siegfried item IDs. (#2515) Added support for the new guild UI features in the client. (#2519) Added per-item scriptable start/end rental functions, replacing the previous hardcoded functionality. See the new item DB fields `OnRentalStartScript` and `OnRentalEndScript`. (#2462, issue #140) Added the `getfont()` script command, to check the player's current chat font. (part of #2462) Added support for gcc-9 by disabling the array bound checks until the `ZEROED_BLOCK` related code will be fully compatible (#2536) Implemented the LapineDdukDdak System. (#2336) Implemented the Library Mistake Quest, allowing players to bypass the rebirth costs. (#2532) Changed Converted `sc_config` to libconfig. A tool to convert from the old format has been provided in `tools/scconfigconverter.py`. (#2526) Converted packet `ZC_TALKBOX_CHATCONTENTS` into a struct. (part of #2528) Extracted homunculus experience gain message code to a separate function. (part of #2528) Changed function arguments to type `enum battle_dmg_type` where applicable. (part of #2528) Changed pets, homunculi, etc. not to be loaded when autotrading. (part of #2524) Changed the guild castle IDs order to match the client's. (#part of #2519) Converted the item combo DB to libconfig. A tool to convert from the old format has been provided in `tools/itemcombodbconverter.py`. (#2529) Changed some remaining symbols to `static`. (part of #2536) Updated the gitlab-ci builds to reflect the release of Debian 10 buster. Gcc-8 is now the primary compiler used for the gcov, asan and i386 builds. (part of #2536) Increased the maximum allowed item ID to int32 max, for clients supporting it. (part of #2336) Fixed Fixed packet `ZC_ACK_RANKING` on old (2013 and earlier) clients. (part of #2528) Fixed an issue preventing homunculus auto-vaporize on death or skill reset, when the 80% HP condition isn't met. (#2524) Fixed a bug that caused homunculi's HP and SP to be refilled on every login instead of just on creation. (part of #2524) Fixed the intimacy requirement check for the homunculus ultimate skills. (part of #2524) Fixed the MVP tombstones causing players to get stuck if they were reading their message when the MVP respawns. (#2525) Fixed the MVP tombstones showing their message multiple times when clicked. (part of #2525) Fixed some incorrect examples of use of `while (select(...))` in the script documentation. (#2533) Corrected the item ID used by the KVM Logistic Officer. (#2527, issue #2404) Fixed several subtle issues caused by the nick partial match feature, when enabled. Now the partial match is only performed for lookups requested by atcommands and client features, while a full match is used for source and script lookups. (#2523) Rewritten the `itemdb_searchname_array` function, now properly supporting the items with IDs greater than 65535. (#2535) Fixed support for items with IDs greater than 65535 in the constdb2doc plugin. (part of #2535) Fixed a minor C standard compliance error, mixing function pointers and non-function pointers. (part of #2536) Fixed the (commented out by default) custom Venom Splasher countdown timer code. (part of #2536) Special thanks to @Haru @4144 @Asheraf @skyleo @Emistry @hemagx
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    ZeRObrowser : client upgrade

    Touch-motions supportedVery usefull update, I started to interest myself to mobile specific features.Now, Android is officially supported and here are described touch motions I implemented to navigate in game.I tried to be as intuitive as possible, inspired by Google Map gestures : Zoom : Spread fingers Perspective : Go up/down fingers Rotation : Inverted fingers Reset : Double tap It gives an immersive experience and prepare future updates for mobile client version.
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    r888 - Elemental System Update Part 1

    =General *Elemental Update Part 1 -This is the start of a series of updates that focuses on fixing up the elementals -system. Due to the system being coded in 2010 with very little info on the -elementals, how they work and are handled, and how things were coded, the system -will have to be completely redone which will take a lot of work to do. - -The work load will be spread out between updates to make it easier to keep track -of changes in the updates. This first part focuses on adding missing checks in -the code for elemental entitys and other similar checks needed to perform -functions for this kind of entity. *Updated Visual Studio 2008 project files. -Would update the 2010 ones too but I don't have that version installed. *attack_walk_delay *attack_direction_change *clear_skills_on_warp *auto_counter_type *land_skill_limit -Added mercenarys and elementals to these configs by default. *MAX_MERCSKILL increased to 41. -This should of been increased long ago when MER_INVINCIBLEOFF2 was added. *Added a bunch of missing code that should resolve some hidden issues with the -elementals. What all it fixes im not entirely sure. I just know they should -be there. *ZC_EL_INIT *ZC_EL_PAR_CHANGE -Updated these packets. *Added some stuff to prepare for future updates to elementals. =Skills *EL_WILD_STORM -Fixed a issue where the caster's ASPD didn't increase properly.
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    [Royal]KoE Map

    Version 1.0.0


    Please reach me via skype : [email protected] for questions thank you. Or Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/JRDV8
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    ZeRObrowser : client upgrade

    Mobile UIAnother interesting update, the mobile UI.I imagined by myself a new way to play Ragnarok Online on a mobile device.I created a joystick on the left side in order to move your character easily. On the right side, I added skills in shortcuts in a rotating circle with size increased and an auto-attack feature.Here are the gestures presented in the gif: Move : Joystick on the left Sit down/stand up : Simple click on joystick Shortcuts : 4 Rotating circles with your shortcut bars content Auto-attack : Click on swords in order to attack or cast skill on the nearest opponent Context menu : Long tap on player It increase experience on smartphone and prepare for long games on it.
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    Version 1.0


    Hi all, This is a basic damage font alternative which can be used to bring a little more high definition resolution to Ragnarok! I made this purely because I was tired of staring at the hideously stretched and over-pixelated damage numbers while I was doing some testing. Feel free to give it a try! There is a slightly wider spacing between digits that I wasn't able to close off because the client must determine spacing/positionings between, but if you want to reduce some of the spacing I have provided another .act file suffixed "_larger" which reduces the spacing but makes the damage text a bit larger. Thanks
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    Example I want to get item to one npc and it will require 1 hr again to get or talk to him. (Timer will count even you log out) Thanks!!
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    [PAID] Costums, Maps, Mobs

    Im available, let me know what your offering through PM
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    Requires source edit. Go to src/map/skill.c, find static int can_copy(). Anywhere after nullpo_ret(sd); you can put your conditions. if (skill_id == WZ_WATERBALL) return 0; If you want to carryover skill_lv, you need to edit 2 lines. Change 1, find line: can_copy(tsd,copy_skill,bl)) // Split all the check into their own function [Aru] Change to: can_copy(tsd, copy_skill, skill_lv, bl)) // Split all the check into their own function [Aru] Change 2, find line: static int can_copy(struct map_session_data *sd, uint16 skill_id, struct block_list *bl) Change to: static int can_copy(struct map_session_data *sd, uint16 skill_id, uint16 skill_lv, struct block_list *bl)
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    Send RODex Mail to ALL ONLINE

    Check script commands: rodex_sendmail_acc and getunits Basically, Iterate over all getunits(BL_PC, ...) and save the account ID's in an array and then use those accountID to do any operation you like, like sending rodex mail (rodex_sendmail_acc command), or you can even use charID to send rodex mail(rodex_sendmail). It's not required to save Array, and instead you can directly loop over getunits and use rodex_sendmail command inside the loop.
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    how to optimize this script

    In my opinion, best thing to do is to save all data as char_reg variables, e.g. WoE_Kill += 1; And then once WoE is finished, run a SQL query to copy data from char_reg_num_db and char_reg_str_db to your custom table. E.g. OnAgitEnd: query_sql("TRUNCATE TABLE `woe_rank`;"); // clear old data. this table is only used to hold temporary values for displaying elsewhere [email protected] = query_sql("SELECT `char_id`, `value` FROM `char_reg_num_db` WHERE `key` = 'WoE_Kill';", [email protected], [email protected]_Kill); for ([email protected] = 0; [email protected] < [email protected]; [email protected]++) { query_sql(sprintf("INSERT INTO `woe_rank`(`char_id`, `kills`) VALUES(%d, %d);", [email protected], [email protected]_Kill)); sleep(50); // don't perform too many queries at once (20 per second) } end; So then the query_sql() command is only being run under controlled circumstances, and only used once.
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    Missing Database Columns?

    It looks like your db is missing some parts, are you using the sql files from your emulator? Try recreating your database
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    Plugin Collections

    Updated https://github.com/dastgirp/HPM-Plugins/commit/82c428fc5e1177cb724c4ea48d8668d3fdee2caf
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    =General *Added the "item_auto_identify" config setting. -This setting allows equips dropped by monsters to drop in a identified state. *Added new skill and status tags and ID's. *MAX_ITEMDELAYS increased to 20. =Database *Did a few updates in the item database. -Fixed the long range damage bonus for the Elven Bow. -Added the 30 days version of the Boarding Halter Box. -Added the syrups which are basicly stronger HP/SP potions. -Added the Green Apple Ring. *Added item usage delays for ygg berry and ygg seed. -Its disabled by default since its a RE thing but there for those wanting balance. =NPC *Updated 3ceam_jobchange with checks for mounts, falcons, wargs, and carts. -Now players will have to remove these things from their character before changing -jobs to prevent certain possible issues. Also to future proof if more jobs come -out in the future. =Skills *NC_PILEBUNKER -Added the Engine Pile Bunker to the check. -Now there's a total of 5 pile bunkers. *EL_TROPIC *EL_CHILLY_AIR *EL_WILD_STORM *EL_UPHEAVAL -Recoded these skills. -The success chance and level of bolts casted is now affected by master's JobLV. -Wild Storm now increases the master's ASPD by 5. -Upheaval now increases the master's MaxHP by 5 * SummonLV.
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    rAthena doesn't support 2019 RagexeRE
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    Client Translation Project

    iro files almost always very outdated, but i think good base for translation. As another source can be used euRo files People i think using translation by Asheraf: https://github.com/Asheraf/Translation and translation by zackdreaver https://github.com/zackdreaver/ROenglishRE zackdreaver mostly for rathena and outdated clients and Asheraf's for latest clients.
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    You are using 2018-06-20eRagexeRE.exe But diffed with PACKETVER 20191002?? those should be same
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    I think rathena doesn't support 2019 clients. I am not sure...
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    Bruno Nogueira

    Academia de Izlude

    Resolvido: Arquivos ".mcache" Desatualizados o que aconteceu era que meu arquivos do "mcache" estavam desatualizados , então eu os recriei novamente a partir do "mapcache.dat" do rathena, o procedimento foi o seguinte 1º: ativei o plugin mapcache 2º peguei um mapcache.dat do rathena e adicionei na pasta db/re (eu uso o renewal) e usei esse comando aqui no cmd map-server --load-plugin mapcache --convert-old-mapcache
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    =General *Added some new skill tags and ID's. *MAX_SKILL increased to 5079. =Mobs *Updated the LV and HP for GUILD_SKILL_FLAG. -Big thanks to Optimus for the replay files. =Jobs *Renewal Era Jobs +Added stat bonuses for new job level caps. =Skills *SR_CRESCENTELBOW +Recoded the skill. -Effect is now triggered on physical melee attacks both regular and skills. -Effect will not trigger on attacks from boss monsters. -Formula updated. Damage from the ratio part is affected by normal means like -the caster's ATK, enemy's DEF, etc. and the fixed damage after can't be reduced. -The ratio part of the damage is forced neutral for now. (Need a confirm if it is) -Skill now ignores the enemy's flee. This is a counter skill after all. -Enemy takes the full damage and the caster takes 10% of what the dealt damage is. -Knockback range increased to 7 cells. -Now deals's knockback damage if pushed into a wall. *SR_LIGHTNINGWALK +Recoded the skill. -Now only triggers on physical ranged attacks. -Caster will now warp to the attacking enemy and face the direction of the enemy. *GD_CHARGESHOUT_FLAG +Updated cooldown to official. -Big thanks to Optimus for the replay data showing this.
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    Edit Status points per level

    Update* found it on statpoint.txt
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    [Q] Skip sql update

    If you are sure that you have all the updates, I think you can run the queries that insert entries in the sql_updates table: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/blob/stable/sql-files/main.sql#L876
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    [NPC] Campfire to regenerate HP/SP

    View File [NPC] Campfire to regenerate HP/SP Originally: There is a nice contribution from meko on that subject, Menhir (Big rock that possesses magical powers and able to restore Health and Energy of Seekers resting/meditating nearby) Thanks, meko! But, I thought to myself, well, that is wonderful, but why not make it portable? The Idea: An element of role play, a way to add functionality to the item 7035 - Matchstick, To light a Campfire. A Campfire is a portable temporary regeneration NPC. OW, and it is configurable ;). Campfire to restore / regenerate HP & SP. When you sit by the Campfire, you start feeling the warmth and the comfort, thus your HP & SP begin to regenerate. Mechanics : A phosphorus tipped stick that can be used to start a fire. (Now Indeed ) When you use the item Matchstick in your inventory, it will spawn a duplicate of the NPC called Campfire. This will help you when you are in the field, farming, grinding, starting a Campfire will help you rest. - You need to sit close to the Campfire (3 cells ) to feel the warmth. - Anyone can sit by your Campfire and rest. - Campfire lasts 2-3 minutes. - Need to sit for at least some time to begin feeling the warmth and comfort. - you cannot start a fire within 5 cells of another NPC - If you use a match one more time, old Campfire disappears and a new one appears. I think it will add an element of roleplay and romanticism to the gameplay. Installation : To be able to use this script you need a plugin npc-duplicate.c https://github.com/dastgirp/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/src/plugins/npc-duplicate.c Install & enable this plugin This script uses a relatively new NPC sprite at the moment of writing this release. 4_BONFIRE Therefore, you may have to edit the Hercules source to allow for this new NPC To the /db/constants.conf add this line: 4_BONFIRE: 10252 In the /src/map/npc.h change this line: #define MAX_NPC_CLASS2_END 10800 This will allow for way more NPCs Save and recompile Hercules. In the client, you may not have this NPC But luckily for you, I've included with this release a data.zip archive containing the NPC sprite and the sound of striking a matchstick. Just add it to your GRF or data folder if you use data folder. In the client, Lua Files make sure you have this NPC sprite LuaFiles514/Lua Files/Datainfo/NPCIdentity.lub JT_4_BONFIRE = 10252, LuaFiles514/Lua Files/Datainfo/jobName.lub [jobtbl.JT_4_BONFIRE] = "4_bonfire", In the /db/re/item_db.conf or /db/pre-re/item_db.conf find Id: 7035 and add these 3 attributes Type: 2 Delay: 3000 Script: <" callfunc("F_CreateCFDup"); "> Configuration: It is a configurable script All of the parameters are explicitly commented for a better understanding of the rules .refillHP_rate = 15; // number of HP to give every refill .refillSP_rate = 5; // number of SP to give every refill .refill_distance = 3; // max distance from fire HP/SP regeneration will work .camp_fire_delay = 5; // Skip how many ticks before feel warm ;) .refill_timer = 300; // wait rand(X) ms before refil Feel free to adjust to your server needs [email protected]_distance = 5; // How far from other NPCs allowed to make fire. [email protected]_duration = 1000 * 60 * 3;// 3 minutes (How long will the Campfire last, in ms) Submitter Habilis Submitted 06/22/18 Category Utility  
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    Haziel's Graphics

    Greetings, I'm Haziel. I've been a Pixel Artist and Designer for over 15 years and I'm here to offer my services to the RO community. I'll be listing some of my prices and rates below with a brief explanation of each service I can offer. Keep in mind that my pricing range is based and varies depending on the complexity and amount of needed hours of work. As an additional note, for RO, I'll always try my best to make my work fit perfectly in the environment as if it was an official resource, avoiding that weird custom feeling most third-party sprites causes since the beginning of RO community. Headgears: Headgears are crafted in a usual static, 5 framed fashion by default, following Gravity's patterns. Animations, however, can be applied depending on the design. Includes: Equipment SPR/ACT, Inventory SPR/ACT, Item BMP, Collection BMP Prices: Lower $15 ~ $30 Middle $20 ~ $40 Upper $20 ~ $50 For animation, an extra fee starting at $10 ~ $20 will be charged depending on the number of extra frames necessary. Examples: Robes/Garments: Robes or Garments are visual sprites equipped under the Cape or Costume Cape slot that actually displays a visual sprite. Although it was released by Gravity in January of 2011, there's a lot of people still not aware of its existence. The main advantage of using Robes is that it allows the sprite to be behind the character in certain angles, making the appearance of some sprites, such as the beloved wings, to look way better than the old custom ones. Includes: Equipment SPR/ACT, Inventory SPR/ACT, Item BMP, Collection BMP Prices: Sigle Class $15 ~ $25 All Classes $20 ~ $40 It's important to note that Robes, unfortunately, CAN'T be animated. Examples: Monsters & Pets: Monsters in RO consists of a range of frames that varies from 20 to over 100 frames, so creating them is a job that may take weeks of effort. Alternatively, I've also worked on conversions of monsters from other media, which I enjoy to enhance, adding new frames and effects to improve the overall experience of finding a new monster in a well-known environment. Includes: Monster SPR/ACT, Monster WAV Prices: Edits/Recolours $10 ~ $50+ Monster $40 ~ $100+ Monster Sounds $10 I can also work on adding sounds or other kinds of media to already existing monsters or creating new colours and even small edits to them. Examples: Weapons: Weapons are a tricky job to perform due Client's hardcoded limitations, however, I've managed to get some really interesting results over the years. Within this topic is interesting to note that weapons are inherited from BaseJobs, it means that Rune Knights and Lord Knights will directly use the Knight's weapon sprites. It's important to note that each Gender and Class requires its own sprite so the visual can be shown, even if it's the same item. Includes: Weapon SPR/ACT, Inventory SPR/ACT, Item BMP, Collection BMP Prices: Design $20 (One Class) Additional Class $5 Examples: NPCs: I've already created a wide range of Custom NPCs over the years and it's one of the most common requests I'm usually hired to. Includes: NPC SPR/ACT Prices: First Frame $15 ~ $20 Extra Frame $5 ~ $10 The additional frames of an animated NPC may vary in price depending on its complexity. Examples: Logos: I have quite some experience on the development of Server's visual identity and logos, which usually are essential to define a series of elements of the Server itself. Includes: Logo PSD, Logo PNG Prices: Logo $20 ~ $40 Examples: CLICK ME!! Patchers: I can also create Thor Patchers fairly well, not only the design part but also the coding. Includes: Thor Patcher Complete Folder Prices: Patcher $20 ~ $40 Web Portion $10 Examples: CLICK ME!! Also Available: I can also, and commonly work creating: - Status Icons - Skill Icons - NPC Cutins - Custom Cards - Login Screens - Loading Screens Not Available: Unfortunately, there are some services that I won't be offering due to the fact those usually takes too much time and aren't as rewarding as it should be neither for me or for the customers based on the fair price I would have to ask: - Custom Classes - Custom Battlemounts Rules: 1. DO NOT steal my work, it takes hours, days, sometimes weeks to be made, don't claim it yours. 2. DO NOT redistribute, mirror or redistribute my work. 3. DO NOT edit my work without my permission, It includes recolours. 4. DO NOT remove my signature included among my files, be respectful. 5. DO use my works as Donation Rewards, be kind and just ask me first. 6. YOU WILL respect and follow the Terms of Service attached to any of my available media. Additional Information: • I'm a Freelancer and my work is for sale, contact me by PM, Facebook, Discord, E-Mail ([email protected]) or Skype ( hyering ) if you're interested. • I'll not edit or modify other Artists' work without their permission, be sure to have it before asking. • I do take references on Sprites from TalesWeaver, Trickster and other sources, but I'll not redistribute raw materials or teach how to get it. • Feel free to contact me speaking English or Spanish. I can also understand Portuguese at a certain level. • I'm not a master or a know-it-all, I'll share my knowledge when I feel appropriate to do so.
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    Christmas Themed Towns

    Version 1.0.0


    Christmas Themed official maps, for the following areas: Alberta Aldebaran Geffen Hugel Izlude Prontera Prontera Church
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    Bloody branch

    Change bloody branch script(from item_db) to if (getgmlevel()==0 || getgmlevel()==99) monster "this",-1,-1,"--ja--",-3,1,""; This will make bloody branch only usable by players/admins