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    Macro Detection Interface Four new client interfaces are getting implemented in Hercules: - Macro Register UI - Macro Detector UI - Macro Reporter UI - Captcha Preview UI Usable though the chat commands: /macro_register, /macro_detector, macro_preview for all clients starting 2016-06-30. Available for testing now at: https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules/pull/3051 Some sample images
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    [SHOWCASE]Loong's SPR

    Hello,Every body,long time no see!
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    Fox fix some image size issue need also use this nemo patch http://nemo.herc.ws/patches/ChangeCaptchaImageDecompressionSize/
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    New updates: 1) If GM tries to reset Farm Zones via NPC or command @resetfarm while the script is enabled you cannot do that. This is a safety measure. 2) Farm Instance Designer feature, when GM makes Farm Zone players get to know the designer behind the Farm Zone, 3) Fixed an error when imploding an array with a length of 0 when accessing player menu (this is if GM enables Farm Zone without setting up configurations of Farm Zones) 4) Cycling through the menu is a lot easier. 5) Added new @command @farm which you simply type and will bring you to the main menu of the NPC without having to go to the map. 6) New menu option to directly reset Farm inside of Farm Zone menu. Other information: There is an @resetfarm which will let you reset Farm. If Farm Zones are enabled you cannot reset them. There's a Mining Guy in each town which will either warp you to the main NPC in Prontera to talk to his co-worker (the Farming Instance NPC). He also will warp you if you die and want to re-enter the instance. (I still have to add him to renewal towns like splendide and dicastes) Alternative ways of entering back into Farm Zone incase of death; The [Farming Instance] NPC warps you in-case you die @farm command will warp player back into Farm Zone if they die. Screenshots: New menu: Showing the Designer of who made the instance farm zone. The download attachment in the original post has been updated as well as the script on my GitHub.
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    Hello and good evening my fellow Ragnarok fans. I decided to rewrite Geffen Magic Tournament for Hercules as close to official as possible. The slight modifications to my version include the following: 1) Quest progression doesn't exist (I plan on changing this once I have Geffen Magic Tournament quest DB converted) 2) Emmitt White doesn't start the instance, he just tells you time left you have until you can go back. All in all the script is about I'd say 99% accurate to the real deal. Enjoy Remember to keep a close eye on my GitHub, when I update the script, the latest download will be available immediately when I commit changes. So make sure to follow my GitHub! Link to download: https://github.com/Aeromesi/AeromesiCodes/blob/master/Instances/Hercules/CopyPaste/npc/custom/custom_instances/geffen_magic_tournament_Herc.txt
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    On mob_db.conf, remove all DamageTakenRate: 10 placed in each MVP monster there.
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    I not looked what this skill really do, But most skills works like this. At first skill name AS_GRIMTOOTH. Often skill activate some SC_* option. And if need some kind of helpers, skill may spawn skill units UNT_*. Logic separated between configs and code. So if you need understand how exactly selected skill works, you can look in code for skill constant first (in example AS_GRIMTOOTH)
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    Another Nemo patcher fork

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    I figured it out, thank you very much for your help!
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    conf/map/battle/feature.conf search refine
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    Enable Proxy Support error

    you probably saw error what you loading wrong client? because this most patches will not works. try use unpatched client exe and with correct name.
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    [Release] The (data) GRF Project

    Offering 2 versions of the grf now. Scroll down for more info. Both data.grf do NOT require rdata.grf. Option 1: (clean standard kRO GRF) Download OneDrive The grf is up-to-date 2018-12-22. Its cleaned up, and optimized. A Lot of invalid content is removed or merged. The size is 1,40gb (1.503.844.793 bytes) compared to the original 2.13gb ( Works perfect with all current pre-renewal and/or renewal content (rdata.grf is not needed). You still need the content of the Translation Project in order to use this. All cutins in this grf are reduced by 35% Note: This is pure kro data.grf and does not contain any jro/iro/whatever files Option 2: GRF with the content of all official servers Download Mediafire Download OneDrive Download Mega This GRF contains all official files. Its cleaned up, and optimized. A Lot of invalid content is removed or merged. The size is 1,43gb (1.536.478.834 bytes) The grf is up-to-date 2016-08-04. Please throw a PM on me if this GRF is missing something! I want this to be the most complete one of all Small summarize more than 200 additional maps more than 700 additional items more than 60 additional NPC's more than 130 additionalmobs more than 900 additional cutins Instructions: 1. Download the data.7z 2. Extract it 3. Put both (grf + dll) into your RO folder Changelog: Fixed Rock Ridge Illustrations use wrong Magenta (200, 238, 120 instead of 200, 240, 120) Removed chunk Option 3: Episode 13.2 Pre-Renewal GRF This one is 775 MB (812.914.794 Bytes) and great for all kind of pre-re servers. Download OneDrive All rights and credits belong to Gravity Note: you can still encrypt your grf with SecureGRF or Tokei's GRF Editor - just use another name than cps.dll for it. updated thread 2019-01-13
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    @follow change request

    Hi. at_follow.diff Create a new zone in db/(pre-)re/map_zone_db.conf. For example: { name: "NoFollow" disabled_commands: { follow: 90 } } And add the maps where you want to disable @follow to npc/mapflag/zone.txt, For example: geffen mapflag zone NoFollow payon mapflag zone NoFollow yuno mapflag zone NoFollow ~Kenpachi
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    Abuse kill "Stop killing player"

    I think is it you want: @EDIT Fixed little mistake.
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    Add delay parameter to bindatcmd

    sim... yes xD
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    Variant Mining

    Updates: 2.0 - Optimised for Hercules emulators. 2.1 - Updated algorithms. 2.2 - Added randomised disappearing and respawning. Please see first post for download link.
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    Instalar y compilar Hercules en Ubuntu

    Antes de empezar aclaro que esta guía esta hecha en base a Ubuntu Server 12.10, con una instalación limpia, sin ningún paquete. Para otras distribuciones la cosa es muy parecida, en muchos casos simplemente es cambiar el apt-get por el gestor de paquetes que disponga el sistema operativo, lo más normal es yum que son de distribuciones basades en redhat(centos,fedora) Partimos de la base que el sistema ya esta instalado y tenemos un usuario creado, en esta guia no vamos a tocar el usuario root, ya que por temas de seguridad es mejor hacerlo así. Primero de todo tenemos que actualizar los paquetes de nuestro sistema operativo. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade Una vez esta actualizado, tenemos que instalar los paquetes necesarios para compilar el emulador Hercules. Primero instalamos git, que es necesario para tener la última versión del código fuente. sudo apt-get install git Una vez tenemos el programa git tenemos que obtener el código fuente: git clone https://github.com/HerculesWS/Hercules.git ~/Hercules Una vez tenemos el código fuente, necesitaremos algunos programas extras para compilarlo. Ejecutamos sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client mysql-common gcc libmysqlclient18 screen make zlibc zlib1g zlib1g-dev libmysqlclient-dev zlib1g-dev libpcre3-dev Durante la instalación nos pedirá la contraseña de root de mysql. Ponemos una contraseña y continuamos. Antes de terminar tecleamos para configurar ./configure --enable-packetver=YYYYMMDD Si tenemos un sistema operativo de 64 bits ./configure –enable-64bit --enable-packetver=YYYYMMDD Y para terminar, ponemos make Como veis esto es una guia bastante basica, con lo minimo para tener un servidor funcionando, recomiendo leer la wiki http://herc.ws/wiki/Main_Page Tenemos más información en el post #2 de jaBote PD: La guia la he hecho mientras probaba todos los comandos y la seguia paso a paso en una maquina virtual con Ubuntu Server 12.10, así que todas las ips, usuarios y datos "críticos" no son reales, son de una maquina virtual creada expresamente para hacer esta guia.
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