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    nonono ... don't worry this plugin DOES NOT DUP ITEM, trust me Download: 1.3 plugin tested with { Id: 909 AegisName: "Jellopy" Name: "Jellopy" Buy: 6 Weight: 10 BuyingStore: true Charm: true // Charm_Stack: true Script: <" bonus bStr, 10000; "> }, just having Jellopy inside inventory will get bonus Remember: it has to use IT_ETC type item, which has been default to type 3 if you didn't specify and also "Charm: true" flag if added the "Charm_Stack: true" flag, the charms will stack - if the flag is false (default), having 10 same charms will give bonus 10 times, because they are separate items - if the flag is true, having 10 same charms will only give bonus once, because they are stack together version 1.3 onwards, added nocharms mapflag http://herc.ws/board/topic/15219-modification-to-noitem-plugin/ to disable charms bonuses given in certain maps prontera mapflag nocharms disable all charms from taking effect on the map prontera mapflag nocharms 909 prontera mapflag nocharms Jellopy disable only this 'Jellopy' charm from giving bonus credit to digitalhamster in case you guys forgotten, I fixed digitalhamster's patch on eathena forum 4 years ago and if you like this plugin, remember to also repup Dastgir's post in this topic because I copy paste most of his stuffs
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    He's good. Happy Dev is great. Their service worth the price they put. Definitely gonna ask him to do more job for me. Thank you.
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    Hi Annie, the console gives an error when i make plugins Any idea what it is? I'm using charms 1.1 Thanks a lot for the release btw. Untitled.png @@Dastgir might be able to update it for us if he got any free time My Free Times comes too late :( Anyways, Here it is: https://github.com/dastgir/HPM-Plugins/blob/master/src/plugins/CharmSystem.c